Fan Spoils Avengers: Endgame in Elaborate Revenge Plan

Avengers Endgame Reddit Spoiler Revenge

Hell apparently hath no fury like a Redditor scorned, as an Avengers: Endgame fan was willing to go to preposterous lengths in order to exact their revenge upon an internet stranger who spoiled Avengers: Infinity War for them. They claim that their mad plan spanned the better part of a year and ended in spoiler-for-spoiler justice, but it's so hilariously cruel that many are calling the validity of the story into question.

Anyone who's frequented virtually any corner of the internet over the past week or so doubtlessly knows two things: there are those fortunate enough to have gotten to see Avengers: Endgame before being spoiled on its time-bending plot points, and there are those at risk of being spoiled. At this time of year in 2018, the exact same was true, but in regard to Avengers: Infinity War. Unfortunately, the Redditor in question appears to have been on the wrong end of things before getting to see the third Avengers film, and (if their story is to be taken at face value) their white-hot rage burned well into this year's box office-shattering Avengers: Endgame.

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Redditor Jus10Sch's tale begins around seven months ago, when the prospective AvengersInfinity War viewer was first spoiled on Instagram by a troll prowling a then-popular hashtag asking specifically that people not spoil the film for them. Stating that "it was then that [their] master plan was born," Jus10Sch allegedly began "befriending" their online adversary with the eventual intention of spoiling the already announced Avengers: Endgame upon its 2019 release. Finally, after confirming that their oblivious mark would not be seeing the new movie before them, the self-avenger was able to watch Avengers: Endgame in theaters and "took PLENTY of pictures" that captured the film's most pivotal character deaths (yes, including that one) and plot twists.

Thanos Snaps in Avengers Infinity War

After committing to the charade for so long, Jus10Sch says that after the movie was over, they "almost thought of not doing it" because they "don’t like to spoil movies," but they ultimately steeled themselves to enact their impending sucker punch of payback. Against their so-called friend's painfully ironic protests, Just10Sch spoiled the entirety of Avengers: Endgame in a "glorious" flurry of messages and plot point explanations. When asked, "Why did you do that, we're such good friends?" Jus10Sch claims to have reminded them of the injustice of the original spoiler incident a year ago and coldly informed them, "You are not my friend, just a person who got what they deserve." Unsurprisingly, the alleged faux friendship seems to have dried up in that moment, just as quickly as it had begun all those months ago.

Readers can make of the validity of this raucous tale of revenge what they will, as there are apparently no ways for Redditor Jus10Sch to provide any evidence of the months-long conversation as the troll-turned-victim blocked them on Instagram after things hit the fan. Equally convenient is the user's claimed aversion to using their in-theater pictures as alternative proof "because [they] don't want to go down for piracy," but the fact remains that - true or not - the post is incredibly entertaining and is the fantasy of everyone who's ever been spoiled on a major motion picture thanks to machinations of online edgelords. For those unable to watch Avengers: Endgame and also coincidentally just decided they'd rather spoil themselves than be on either side of this type of spoiler exchange, Screen Rant has them covered.

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Source: Jus10Sch

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