Hilarious Video Imagines How Fans Reacted To Avengers: Endgame

In a hilarious new video, one Avengers: Endgame fanatic imagines how fans reacted to the ultimate Marvel movie. It may not quite be the biggest movie of all time, but Endgame has nonetheless rocked the box office with $806 million earned domestically (so far) and $2.6 billion worldwide. The wrap-up to the MCU's Infinity Saga indeed delivered the goods, providing some of the most memorable and even gut-wrenching moments ever seen in a superhero movie.

Somewhat amazingly given the current internet culture, Endgame even managed to hit theaters largely unspoiled, as fans heeded the Russo Brothers' pleas and avoided giving away the movie's secrets. When the film did finally arrive, fans were treated to a true emotional roller coaster as the Avengers assembled to undo the damage wrought by Thanos in Infinity War while also taking care of the Mad Titan himself. As many fan theories predicted, time travel was key to the movie's story, as was the arrival of Captain Marvel.

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Just how astonishing were the twists and turns in Endgame? Those who haven't seen the movie could still go out to the theater and witness it for themselves. Or they could just watch the below video from YouTuber ScooterMagruder, who hilariously (and energetically) demonstrates how just about every Endgame fan reacted to the movie's wild ride of a story (and for those still trying to avoid spoilers, the video is absolutely loaded with them, so beware):

Though ScooterMagruder is clearly excited by the events unfolding in Endgame, he also has many many questions about what is actually going on in the movie. Like a lot of fans, he has questions about Black Widow's sacrifice in the film. He also has questions about what ultimately happens to Captain America at the end of the movie, and the passing of the torch that takes place between Cap and Falcon. And of course, he has a huge reaction to the movie's big death scene. The video's mixture of excitement and skepticism indeed seems to well sum up the way many fans reacted to the movie as it wound up the last 10 years of MCU storytelling in the most epic (and at times frankly perplexing) way imaginable.

Of course, Avengers: Endgame was always going to leave fans with such questions. It was simply impossible for the Russo Brothers and company to tie all the threads together after 10 years and not leave a few loose ends hanging. But even with these questions lingering in the air, there's no doubt the movie delivered on the hype. And at this point, a Marvel movie delivering on the hype should not really be a surprise. However, it remains to be seen if future MCU installments will be able to pull off the same trick at the same epic level as Avengers: Endgame.

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Source: ScooterMagruder

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