Endgame Last Shawarma Fan Art Reveals Post-Snap Avengers

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The final entry in BossLogic's  "The Last Shawarma" fan art series is here and it depicts the aftermath of the events of Avengers: Endgame. Beginning with Avengers: Infinity War, the collection of illustrations is inspired by the iconic mid-credit scene from The Avengers where all six original heroes sit down for a post-battle meal. But with Thanos' snap dusting half of them, the middle installment featured only those who survived The Decimation. Now, with The Infinity Saga officially closed, the third and last entry in the series reveals what the state of the world is like, and surprisingly, it's not as celebratory as one would expect.

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In Endgame, the Avengers accomplished everything that they set out to do. They brought back everyone who was snuffed out of existence, despite five-years having passed, thanks to Hulk's snap. They also ensured that Thanos will no longer threaten the universe (at least in this timeline) thanks to Iron Man's second snap. Finally, all the Infinity Stones were brought back to their original settings thanks to Captain America's one-man mission. But their success didn't come without major sacrifices - Hulk's permanently injured due to the snap, Black Widow gave her life for the Soul Stone, and Tony Stark died after wielding the power of all six Infinity Stones. Given these, the latest installment of BossLogic's "The Last Shawarma" series paints a world grieving over those who were lost during the Thanos debacle.

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Courtesy of digital artist BossLogic comes the third and final entry in his artwork series post-Endgame. Unlike BossLogic's earlier pieces, the perspective here shifts to the outside off the shop (called Excelsior Shawarma and Chips). A grieving Peter Parker looks in the window which has Stark's face reflected in the glass - a direct reference to the young hero's dilemma that will be further explored in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Check out the artwork below:

In addition, the illustration is full of Easter eggs. There's memorial to the Marvel comics pioneer Stan Lee, who died late last year, in front of the establishment's door. There's even has a callback to Deadpool's love for Chimichanga's with a sign that says "We Don't Sell Chimichangas." Up near the restaurant's banner, there's a Nike Air Jordan peeking through, which is a nod to Miles Morales. There's also the the Nelson & Murdock law services on the door to the left in reference to Daredevil. And finally, there's Captain America carrying an umbrella at the rightmost side of the frame, seemingly also looking over the establishment like Peter.

It's an interesting point-of-view following the Avengers' win to save the universe and an insightful look at the state of the MCU following Avengers: Endgame. Aside from those heroes that the franchise lost to ensure that Thanos goes down for his sins in Infinity War, the fates of Earth's Mightiest Heroes are also bleak. Their headquarters was demolished following the film's massive battle, and most of its founding heroes have gone their separate ways - a parallel to the shawarma shop stopping operations and closing down. Of course, a new batch of Avengers will rise again, but it's safe to say that it's going to take a couple of years before that happens.

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Source: BossLogic

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