Disney Stock Nears Record High After Avengers: Endgame Success

With the record-breaking success of Avengers: Endgame comes nearly record-breaking highs for the shares of Marvel's parent company, Disney. Combined with the warm public response to the unveiling of their Disney+ plans at their last investor's meeting, it seems the entertainment company is in excellent shape and in the process of reaching its best monthly performance in years.

April proved to be a huge month for Disney. Avengers: Endgame completely shattered box office records by earning $350 million domestically and $1.2 billion worldwide in its opening weekend, posting numbers that were unfathomable before. In addition to the latest Marvel blockbuster, Disney also officially revealed details for streaming service Disney+ last month, announcing it will cost $6.99 per month when it launches in November. That one-two punch had a tremendous impact on the company's financials.

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According to MarketWatch, the company's numbers have gone up by 20% since April 11th and the first look at Disney+, though the stocks were also buoyed by positive anticipation of Endgame's success. Now that the film has more than proven those predictions right, investors will continue to flock, smalls dips throughout each individual day notwithstanding. In fact, the strength of the latest Avengers debut means that Disney can now claim 9 of the 10 biggest domestic box office opening weekends in history.

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While April's climb did not quite reach the heights of the 31.0% gain in January of 1987, it's incredibly at 25.5% for the month, making it the second highest gain in Walt Disney Co.'s stock market record. And it is being generous with its prosperity, as the crowds gathering at movie theaters across the nation has also given rise to IMAX's stocks as well as those of various chains such as AMC and Cinemark.

Disney's vast number of franchises, from Marvel to Star Wars, in addition to its ownership of highly-acclaimed studios like Pixar and its most recent acquisition of Fox have made a powerful concoction. Many can debate what the company's near-constant growth means for competition in the industry, not to mention the layoffs that occur when independent studios become subsidiaries, but for consumers and the stock market alike these changes seem like a net positive.

But though Endgame has been spreading the wealth, Disney+ may be a tipping point when it comes to other streaming services. Netflix and Amazon Prime, among others, have not felt the burden of Disney's behemoth status quite yet - but it may be a different story come November 12th.

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Source: MarketWatch

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