Video Imagines Hilariously Dark Avengers: Endgame Deleted Scenes

Avengers: Endgame gets some extremely dark deleted scenes thanks to a hilarious new parody video. With $2.795 billion grossed at the worldwide box office, Endgame is officially the biggest movie of all-time, surpassing James Cameron’s Avatar. Now out on digital and Blu-ray, Endgame continues to enthrall Marvel fans who can’t get enough of the film’s Easter eggs and other secrets.

Needless to say, discussion around Endgame and its many huge story developments continues to rage, as fans go on debating the film’s numerous alleged plot holes and other problematic moments. Of course, one of the movie’s biggest moments came when the Hulk donned Iron Man's Infinity Gaunlet and used its power to snap all the casualties from Infinity War back into existence. Thanks to the Hulk’s snap, heroes like Spider-Man, Black Panther and Doctor Strange were able to leap back into the fray and help Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and company finally put an end to Thanos and his fearsome army. As stirring as it was to see all the dusted characters from Infinity War suddenly reappear though, it’s fair to say the movie somewhat glossed over the larger implications of such a massive event in order to deliver a thrilling moment.

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But now, someone is finally addressing the bigger questions about the Hulk’s snap that Endgame elected to skip over. In a hilarious new parody video, The Warp Zone imagines some Endgame deleted scenes that show what really would have happened if people simply started reappearing out of the blue after years in limbo, and it’s safe to say the results are very dark indeed. See the clip in the space below:

In Endgame the returnees from Thanos’ snap all instantly get their heads together and are ready to dive in and do battle with the Mad Titan, but of course the movie only shows the returning superheroes and ignores all the millions of regular people who also suddenly came back to life and may not have been able to clear the cobwebs so quickly. As The Warp Zone’s video points out so hilariously and grimly, the Hulk’s snap in truth would have led to a lot of very awkward and perhaps even horrifying situations, some of which have already been brought up by fans. Among the issues tackled by the video: what would happen to all the people who disappeared from airplanes and suddenly came back in mid-air, with no plane around them (for the record, Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige already addressed this particular issue)? Another issue raised by the video: what would happen if a woman whose unborn children were dusted had them suddenly return to her womb?

Obviously, such scenarios were far too grim and real to be worked into Avengers: Endgame, and anyway the film had no time to deal with those sorts of implications. In truth, Endgame is filled with head-scratching scenes and moments that don’t make a lot of sense when held up to the light of day. But the movie still made $2.795 billion, so it's safe to say no one is too concerned.

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Source: The Warp Zone

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