How Each Avenger's Costume Is Different In Endgame

Ronin closeup in Avengers Endgame

Hawkeye's Ronin Armor

Since Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye was left entirely out of Infinity War, his costume change from Captain America: Civil War to Endgame is all the more drastic. He's dropped the Hawkeye look almost entirely based on the trailer, where he's shown in Japan with his Ronin attire. He swapped out the black and purple for black and yellow, while leaving his bow and arrows behind and using a katana instead.

This new look at Ronin, coupled with a shot of him from the Super Bowl TV spot, shows that there's still going to be a bit of Hawkeye in Clint Barton's new persona. That's right, the Avengers' resident sharpshooter will bring along his bow at some point. He's still got the rest of Ronin's costume though, so don't expect a full transformation back to the Hawkeye of old right away - if it happens at all.

Professor Hulk

After making a quick and memorable entrance in Infinity War, Hulk is nowhere to be found. Mark Ruffalo's Bruce Banner has to do everything else himself, going as far as suiting up in the Hulkbuster armor to be of some value during the battle in Wakanda. Hulk refused to come out and save the day, but it has long been expected that Banner and Hulk would set their differences aside for Endgame.

This new piece of art confirms that Hulk is going to actually have a suit of some kind in the movie - something that hasn't happened before. The purple, black, and grey look may very well be a suit that can change sizes to fit either Hulk or Banner. However, the look of Hulk's face bears a much closer resemblance to Ruffalo's, which could be further proof that Hulk and Banner will merge (in a sense) to become Professor Hulk. This way, they'll have the strength and invulnerability of the Green Goliath, but still maintain Banner's genius.

Thor's Costume Hasn't Changed

While everyone else is getting new looks for Endgame, this new image seems to confirm that this won't happen for Chris Hemsworth's Thor. His costume appears to be exactly the same as it was when we last saw him (not aiming for Thanos' head). Although this may seem odd at first, it is important to remember that Thor only received this new look near the end of Infinity War to begin with. He's already gone through his transformation, so it makes sense that his look will stay the same throughout the movie.

After seeing these costumes in images and with toys, it hopefully won't be too long before they are revealed in some actual footage. Marvel isn't likely to release the second true trailer for Avengers: Endgame for a couple of more weeks, though, so promotional art may continue to be the best source for new looks at the film.

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