How Each Avenger's Costume Is Different In Endgame

Avengers Endgame New Costumes

The original six Avengers are getting new looks in Avengers: Endgame, and here's how they differ from what they've previously worn. The Marvel Cinematic Universe underwent a terrible change last year at the hands of Thanos. With the snap of his fingers, he wiped out half of the universe's population (superheroes included) in Avengers: Infinity Warand it will be up to the remaining heroes to try and bring them back to life in Endgame.

If successful, the Avengers may change the reality of the MCU forever, but there are already known changes coming for the heroes who will try to pull this off. Although the trailers haven't made it clear, many of them will be getting brand new looks in Endgame. This especially goes for the original six Avengers, some of whom may be making their final appearances in the MCU. The main evidence of this is the white Avengers suits that toys have shown several different heroes wearing. It has been theorized that these new suits will be used to access the Quantum Realm so the heroes can time travel to try and save the universe.

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Beyond these possible team uniforms, the Super Bowl TV spot revealed that Rocket will dawn his comic-accurate costume for the first time in the MCU. There's also been concept art that has revealed an upgraded suit for War Machine is on the way, while Captain Marvel and Ant-Man both appear to be sticking with the costumes from their last solo movies. Thanks to a brand new piece of promotional art, the best look yet at the new suits for the original Avengers has arrived. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, and Thor are reassembled to try and take down Thanos in their new threads. Some of these design changes are more drastic, but almost the entire team has some new look to them, so let's break it down.

Iron Man's Mark 85

Iron Man Mark II Suit

When audiences last saw Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark in Infinity War, he was getting his nano-tech Mark 84 armor beaten off of him with every one of Thanos' punches. He was left to die on Titan and the trailers for Endgame show that while he's managed to escape, he's still struggling. Only his helmet remains and it isn't even fully functional. But, when Tony does get back to Earth (which will happen in Endgame), his tinkering will bring him his Mark 85 suit.

The new suit is much more comic accurate to the traditional Iron Man look that fans have seen on the page for years. Some concept art of this design previously leaked online and signaled that Iron Man will move away from his predominantly hot rod red coloring and incorporate more gold. The result is a suit that features the gold arms and legs that Tony Stark was known for back in the day. If this does end up being his final appearance in the MCU, it will be a fitting design to close with.

Captain America's Scaled Avengers Armor

Chris Evans' Steve Rogers wasn't even Captain America when he tried to help save the day in Infinity War, but his time as Nomad and the leader of the Secret Avengers appears to be over. While the marketing for Endgame has shown him in his stealth suit from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and set photos featured him in his costume from The Avengers, it appears that his main costume for the Phase 3 finale will be his own classic comic book look.

Captain America is finally going to get the scaled, chainmail armor that he's worn throughout his comic history in Endgame. This new image provides the best look yet at the design, with the scaled look taking over his chest and shoulders. This also marks a return of the Avengers branding and the star that Steve previously ripped out of his old costume, so he is clearly back on the team. This look is a long time coming, especially since Marvel's been teasing such a look since Captain America: The First Avenger. Eight years later, they're finally making good on it.

Black Widow's Suit Is Red (So Is Her Hair)

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow in Captain America The Winter Soldier Cropped Poster

Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow arguably got the biggest makeover for Infinity War, with Natasha Romanoff dying her hair bleach blonde and going with a black and green suit. The new look made sense with the team on the run and trying to disguise themselves the best they could, since Nat's red hair is hard to miss. But for Endgame, she'll be returning to her natural hair color and the red highlights to her suit.

Black Widow's suit has had a hint of red in it before, but it has previously been contained to the symbol on her belt and on her wristbands. There are now small red inserts on her sides, with the suit's design overall changing to become sleeker. If you look closely, the mysterious hand device from previous set photos and leaks can be seen with her too. The change of her hair meanwhile appears to be completely natural. There's still a hint of blonde at the bottom of her braid, so if Nat's hair had the time to revert to its natural color and grow that long, that's as clear a sign as any that there will be some major passage of time at some point in Endgame.

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