10 Avengers: Endgame Female Characters Who Deserved More Screen Time

While Avengers: Endgame might have been an iconic movie that brought together dozens of characters in the end, many of the films female characters didn’t get a lot of focus. In the final battle, we see the vanished characters return and lots of the women come together to help defeat Thanos and his army. However, throughout most of the movie, the men of the MCU are the main focus, with a couple of notable exceptions.

Here are ten of the female characters from Avengers: Endgame who deserved more screen time.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis Drax
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Guardians Of The Galaxy Mantis Drax

Mantis is one of the dusted characters, so it makes sense she didn’t occupy a lot of time in the film. When everyone is brought back at the end, we do see her briefly on the battlefield but that's about it. She does also get to say a great line at the end of the film when Thor joins up again with the Guardians.

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There will likely be another Guardians movie going forward, so hopefully, Mantis will get more screen time in this movie. She’s mostly been used as the butt of the joke in every film she’s been in, and we hope that changes in the future as her powers are quite strong.


Black Widow is one of the only female characters who got significant focus in the film. However, the way her story ended secures her spot on this list. Black Widow dies on Vormir in order to get the Soul Stone, so she’s not even around for the final battle. Having one of the only women who was focused on in this film die for good might not have been the best choice, and her absence in the final battle was definitely noticed. One thing's for sure, Black Widow deserved better.


Pepper Potts in Avengers

Pepper Potts wasn’t a main character in Endgame, but she did get some screen time. We see her and Tony together in their cabin where they are raising their daughter, and we also get the exciting moment when Pepper joins the battle as Rescue. It would have been great to see a couple more moments of Pepper with her daughter, Morgan, however. And, many fans definitely would have liked to see Pepper get a little more focus in this film especially as she revealed her proficiency with the Rescue suit.


Peggy Carter wasn’t a very active character in this movie by any means. We see her briefly two times, but she doesn’t speak in either of these moments. Peggy Carter is a character that many fans love, and she deserved more of a focus in this film.

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Considering that Captain America was very focused on her and their lost love, it seems strange that Peggy didn’t even get a chance to shine in this movie at all. While it might have been hard to find where to add her into this sprawling, grand story, Peggy definitely deserved more screen time in the MCU.


Hope van Dyne was another one of the dusted characters who is brought back to life. Of course, all of the people who were killed by Thanos didn’t feature much in this movie, but this is unfortunate since many of those characters were women.

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The Wasp does get to show off her skills on the battlefield briefly, and we do see her and Scott with Cassie at the end of the movie. Hopefully, we haven't seen the last of this character in the MCU.


Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, but we often don’t get to see enough of this. When she joins the battle at the end of the movie after being un-vanished, there is a cheer-worthy moment where she attacks Thanos and nearly defeats him. It was definitely rewarding to get to see her in this moment, and luckily there will be more of Scarlet Witch in the MCU since she will be the co-lead of the Disney+ series alongside Vision.


Shuri s a fan-favorite character that many people were shocked to learn had died in the snap just a month or so ago. Shuri, of course, is revived from the dead and gets to walk onto the battlefield with triumphantly with her brother, King T’Challa. Shuri shows off her blasters and fighting skills, and we get to see her and her family at the end of the movie looking out over Wakanda. While there definitely wasn’t enough Shuri in Endgame, fans can look forward to more of the character in Black Panther 2.


Valkyrie is one of the female characters who survived the snap, so we do get some moments with her throughout the movie. It’s clear that she is the one who is keeping New Asgard together as Thor struggles.

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Seeing her ride into battle on a Pegasus was a triumphant moment, and Thor even made her king of the Asgardians at the end of the film. The only problem was that we barely saw any of her at all throughout the movie, and it would have been nice to see more of her character development happen in front of our eyes instead of off-screen.


Going into Endgame, one question on many fan’s minds was how much of a role Captain Marvel would play. While it’s clear that she was needed to help defeat Thanos at the end, she didn't really feature much in this movie at all. She did destroy Thanos’ warships, which helped tip the scales in the heroes favor, but this movie was more focused on ending the stories of characters like Ironman and Captain America. This house is definitely understandable, but it was a shame that we didn’t get to see at least a bit more of Captain Marvel in this film.


Okoye was one of the female characters that many fans thought would play a big role in this movie, but this didn’t turn out to be true. While Okoye survived the snap and was presumably leading Wakanda, we don’t see much of her at all. She is completely underutilized. While the movie likely didn’t have time to focus on Wakanda, seeing at least a couple of scenes focused on Okoye would have been a welcome addition. The marketing for the movie was definitely misleading about how big of a role she would play. Thankfully, we will likely see her feature again in Black Panther 2.

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