Avengers: Endgame Only $12M Shy of Passing Avatar at Global BO

Avatar vs Avengers Endgame

The combination of additional footage and the post-Fourth of July weekend has brought Avengers: Endgame within striking distance of Avatar's all-time worldwide box office record. Bringing in nearly $9 million additional to Disney's coffers over the June 28-July 4 timeframe, along with an estimated $3.1 million from July 5-7, sets the current worldwide box office total to $2.776 billion.

The current first place record holder, James Cameron's Avatar, sits at $2.788 billion, making the difference just $12 million. The current box office estimates do not include the most recent international numbers, so the amount might actually be smaller when the final totals emerge. The week of June 28-July 4 saw Avenger: Endgame's ranking on the top box office draws rise from #13 the week prior to #7, and then has been at #9 over the post-holiday weekend, between Men in Black International and Rocketman.

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Box office reporting site, Box Office Mojo, has reported on the strong $3.1 million weekend take, showing that Marvel's strategy of the renewed marketing push promoting the additional footage, along with Spider-Man: Far From Home's strong $93.1 million #1 place and its tie-ins to Avengers: Endgame, has breathed new life into the senior title's eleventh week of release.

Avengers Endgame Logo with Jake and Neytiri from Avatar

It was only two weeks ago when we'd written about the more daunting gap at the time of $38 million, and the week-over-week rate seemed to be dropping to the point that it might have been a stretch that Avengers: Endgame could stand a chance against Avatar. With the successful bump of the added footage, even with the poor audience and critical reaction to Hulk's increased screen time, it was enough to bring the film back solidly into the top 10 after being out of it for two consecutive frames.

With the international numbers yet to come in, and looking at the pre-added scenes box office depreciation rate, it now seems that it is all but certain that Avengers: Endgame will take the crown within the next three to four weeks. The question will only be if the number of screens that it's being presented on drops faster than anticipated to make room for newer releases, or if the international market also cools appreciably. If either of those happen, it may take slightly longer, and with the ability to wrest the crown from former-rival Fox for Avatar, Disney may opt to do an official re-release with additional footage during the end of year for award season. In the end, Tony Stark and his final snap should manage to claim the title that's stood for a decade.

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Source: Box Office Mojo

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