'The Avengers': First Screening Reactions & Second Trailer Details

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At this point hardcore comic books fans require little to nothing else to convince them to check out Marvel Studios' The Avengers when it arrives in theaters. Of course that doesn't mean the production house is done releasing promos and generating loads of buzz for Joss Whedon's superheroes vs. aliens extravaganza.

Marvel heads and Avengers cast members alike have gotten to see a rough cut of Whedon's film and the early buzz is pretty positive (with one noteworthy exception). In addition to that preliminary consensus on the movie, we have some additional details about the second Avengers trailer due out in the very near future.

Quint over at AICN is a generally reliable source for information and has provided the following "inside scoop" on what Marvel executives think of The Avengers so far:

Word 'round the campfire is Marvel considers The Avengers to be their best outing yet. I've talked to some cynics in the group who weren't sure it was going to come together and they're all doing their mea culpas now. They say it has the heart, the action, the humor and the suspense a movie like The Avengers should have. The only criticisms I've heard is that Whedon's eye isn't as cinematic as it should be, but that the rest of the movie is so good that you accept it.

That The Avengers might not be quite "cinematic" enough for the folks over at Marvel isn't so shocking when you remember that the majority of Whedon's directing experience has been in the TV medium, on shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. Whedon's feature-length directorial debut (Serenity) has likewise been fairly criticized for playing out at times like an extended TV show... and yet you'd be hard-pressed to find many people who claim that sci-fi flick isn't loads of fun to watch.

Most fans will probably just be glad to hear that Whedon doesn't make story and character development a second tier concern in The Avengers, especially when so many other comic book films have abandoned their source material's endearing thematic aspects in favor of mindless cheap thrills and action (Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, looking at you...). Besides, Marvel Studios has sunk an estimated $300 million into Whedon's film; that investment is simply too large to NOT be reflected in the final product.

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As far as when we'll get to see more footage - and decide for ourselves whether or not The Avengers is fittingly "cinematic" enough - early word is that:

  • The second Avengers trailer is due to arrive online on February 29th.
  • It's "quite spoilerific story-wise" and features "new and old money shots."
  • The Incredible Hulk won't be featured as prominently in the second theatrical trailer as he was in the Avengers Super Bowl promo.


Keep tuning in to Screen Rant for more updates on The Avengers as we countdown to the film's theatrical release date on May 4th, 2012.

Source: AICN

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