The Secret Origin Of Voyager, The New Founding Avenger

After months of mystery, Marvel has finally revealed more details about the origins of Voyager - one of the biggest changes to Marvel history - in the latest issue of Avengers. As comic fans have come to expect, Marvel is once again relaunching their comics following the end of the 'No Surrender' arc, but it wasn't long ago that a different reset was establishing the event.

Last fall saw the arrival of Legacy #1, which introduced the Avengers of 1,000,000 BC, while also teasing the whereabouts of the 'Fantastic' Richards family, and laying the foundation for the upcoming Infinity Countdown event. But one of the biggest shocks was the reveal of Voyager: a brand new character to Marvel's Universe... who everyone already remembered as a founding member of the Avengers.

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When 'No Surrender' kicked off in the pages of Avengers earlier this year, it was quickly established that while the hero has been absent for a long time, nearly every Marvel character has memories of Voyager. Whatever is going on with the current Marvel universe and timeline, Voyager was there alongside Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Ant-Man, and The Wasp when the Avengers were founded. She was then stuck in a void outside of reality, but was pulled back when the Earth disappeared and the latest event began. Now, fans finally know more about her story.

Avengers #681 by Al Ewing, Jim Zub, and Mark Waid arrived this week and continues the story of both Grandmasters and their sinister game on Earth involving the Black Order and Lethal Legion. Amidst the fighting, Valerie Vector aka Voyager checks in on the comatose Jarvis. When she does so, we finally get the reveal of how she gained her powers.

Like any good superhero, Valerie was caught in a lab accident that granted her powerful teleportation abilities. As her father states, the science is tied to quantum entanglement, and Valerie herself notes she felt instantly connected to all matter when she gained her powers. Since Voyager was trapped outside of the normal realm of Marvel's Universe for so many years, and the nature of her abilities is tied to theoretical, quantum mechanics, this look at her origin may tease her sudden appearance in the Marvel Universe.

Perhaps some aspect of her emergence as a hero altered reality? So far, only Jarvis has expressed any sense that everything isn't as it seems... but there's no telling when or if he'll come around.

Marvel has retconned plenty of characters before, with heroes like Blue Marvel and Jessica Jones being placed into Marvel history years after the fact. But those smaller events pale in comparison to Voyager's arrival, which actively rewrites a key part of Marvel lore. There's no telling where this will all lead, but the meta chaos could be just what Marvel needs to shake things up and establish a new status quo ahead of their next reboot.

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Avengers #681 is available now from Marvel and local comic stores.

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