All of Captain Marvel's Powers, Ranked

Audiences were finally graced with the presence of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel, this year as she entered the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brie Larson was cast as the fighter pilot turned Kree agent and seems to be the superlative casting choice for Danvers' archetypical wayward persona. Captain Marvel has been around for decades, but the form we see in the latest MCU installment was bred into the comics just seven years ago. We only get to see a glimpse of Denver's powers in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame which leaves a lot left to the imagination for fans who are familiar with her backstory. While fans have to wait to see how many more of her powers will make their way to the silver screen, she has a formidable list of abilities to choose from.  To give some perspective, here are ten of Captain Marvel’s powers ranked from the least to the most impressive.

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10 Super Strength

Superhero-strength is a trait instilled in almost every comic hero, whether its Marvel, DC, or an Archie Comics character. Because of this, it’s understandable that this power might be somewhat insipid to fans. However, without super strength, Captain Marvel’s assistance in the fight against Thanos would not have made as much of an impact. Her strength at a minimum allows her to carry 92 tons because,  as a Binary, she carries the full strength of a star. So, while this power may seem like a bit of a cinch, it’s definitely a necessary trait for her to possess.

9 Super Speed

In Avengers: Endgame, War Machine makes an inquiry of Captain Marvel and asks where she has been during Thanos' tirade on Earth. Captain Marvel’s quick to answer stating, “There are a lot of other planets in the Universe. And unfortunately, they didn’t have you guys.” The fact that Captain Marvel can travel at the speed of light is a helpful attribute for the superhero who crosses galaxies in order to protect planets. And, while she may show up late, it’s this ability that enables her to be "on call" for any superhero legion, whether it be the Guardians of the Galaxy or the Avengers.

8 Flight

Carol Danvers was just an ordinary woman before her exposure to an explosion that left her armed with the powers of Kree. Before this incident, she served as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force, with dreams on becoming a flight agent for NASA to appease her lure for space exploration. The fact that Captain Marvel would come to possess the power of flight seems inevitable given her backstory. And no, she’s not the first superhero to harness flight abilities, but she is one of the few who’s flight is not limited to the bounds of the earth, as she is just as capable of flying through outer space.

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7 Immunity to Toxins

Carol Danvers was caught in the wrath of an explosion from the Psyche-Magnetron, a Kree manufactured machine that’s initial purpose was to install superhero abilities into humans. As a result, Danvers became a Kree-human hybrid, which left her immune to toxins and poisons. This specific ability may have been incorporated into Captain Marvel’s storyline after her mentor and namesake, the former Mar-vell, met his demise from—of all things—cancer. His nega-bands kept the harmful cells under control, however, the same golden wristlets prevented him from recovering from cancer. This new ability in the current Captain Marvel hints that her invulnerability makes her the most powerful of all the Avengers in that she might be impenetrable to earthly and cosmic ailments.

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6 Super Stamina

On par with her powers of stellar strength, speed, and flight, Captain Marvel’s super stamina acts as the core that harnesses all of these powers together. While there is no doubt that Carol Danvers was in physically fit shape as an active military member, her biological stature was excessively altered when her DNA became infused with the powers of the Kree. The ending result offered a heightened sense of stamina, which aids in her multi-universe travel as well as her cosmic awareness abilities.

5 Cosmic Awareness

The ability to host cosmic awareness stems from a superheroes' access to feel a change anywhere within the entire universe. This explains how Captain Marvel seems to know the unabating dangers happening all over the galaxy. While this cosmic awareness is not definitely made known in the MCU, it begs the question of whether Captain Marvel was in on the Avenger’s end game that Doctor Strange foresaw in Infinity War.

4 Energy Projection and Absorption

Captain Marvel is able to utilize electromagnetic energy in large thanks to the Psyche-Magnetron that reconfigured her biological DNA. The remnants of the machine along with the powers of Mar-Vell created a power that allows Captain Marvel to bend metal objects at will. This certainly comes in handy when she meets her adversaries. She can use this power to chuck anything from a car door to a semi truck at her opponent. Likewise, Captain Marvel is able to absorb the power of the stars, giving her access to kinetic energy. Her body is able to process that energy and transform it to use it as she wishes, which is a power most superheroes can't relate to. 

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3 Photon Fists

This has been the highlight of Captain Marvel’s superpowers in the MCU, but the films only touch the surface of what these babies can do. While a snarky Carol uses them to prove a point to Nick Fury, her photon blasts actually come directly from the internal energy she is able to access from the stars. The power of her photon fists, while accessible at will, are difficult to control. To put it into perspective, her photon fists are not unlike the power of Thor's Mjolnir. The only difference being that her source of power comes from within rather than an outside object.

2 Seventh Sense

In the earlier comic book versions of Carol Danvers, she was given the alias Ms. Marvel before being recategorized as the female Captain Marvel in 2012. In the former series, Ms. Marvel has what she dubbed as a "seventh sense," which acted as a type of clairvoyance or “spidey sense” if you will. This supplementary sense warned her of impending danger which would come and go as quickly as her superhero garb. And while it seems that this seventh sense ability has been axed since the reinstatement of Captain Marvel, the writers of the MCU have yet to disclose whether or not this could be an added accessory for Captain Marvel’s cosmic “utility belt.”

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1 Binary

Captain Marvel’s Binary powers are without a doubt her greatest asset. As the Binary, she is able to control any form of radiation or gravity. She can absorb energy, and she is able to manipulate her photonics blasts on a molecular level. The Binary power was stripped from Captain Marvel comics after her rendezvous with Rogue, but it seems that MCU writers and producers are fixated on keeping this incredible superpower on Captain Marvel’s list of abilities as they work to make her one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe.

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