Avengers 3-Film UK Blu-Ray Box Set Typo Mixes Up Film Logos

Infinity War with The Avengers Logo

Fans point out a hilarious mix up between The Avengers' and Avengers: Infinity War's "A" logos in an upcoming 3-film Avengers bundle in the U.K. With seven months to go before another MCU film installment arrive on the big screen, fans are looking for ways to keep themselves occupied, and some of them opting to revisit some of their favorite films in the franchise. People in the U.S. are lucky they can rewatch all 20 movies in IMAX theaters. However, those not in the country can still enjoy the movies in the comforts of their homes via Blu-ray bundles.

At this point, it's probably for the best to wait until Avengers 4 releases before purchasing any Avengers box sets. After all, in just a year, Phase 3 will be completed when both Captain Marvel and the still-untitled ensemble film release. But for those from the U.K. who want to rewatch even just the first three Avengers movies in preparation for the ultimate culmination next year, they might want to pay a little bit of attention to what they're purchasing as there's apparently a graphics flaw in the cover art for an upcoming 3-film Avengers pack.

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Reddit user Gamer0607 notes that the Avengers bundle in the U.K. has The Avengers' and Infinity War's respective logos switched. While some of his fellow fans acknowledge that the insignias could easily be confused with each other especially for those who aren't really that detail-oriented, most of them are in agreement that Marvel should have thoroughly inspected the product shot (and the products as well) before posting them online. The Blu-ray is currently available for pre-order for £29.99 and is scheduled to be released on September 3. Check out the set's image below:

Meanwhile, in a separate Reddit thread, user zappapostrophe points out another mistake, this time in an MCU Phase 1 bundle with the original six Avengers (and Nick Fury) on the cover. While the film's logo is finally correct, Iron Man's arc reactor is noticeably missing on his chest. Interestingly, the spot where it's should be on clearly has some markings, implying that the creators knew that something was supposed to be in there and perhaps just forgot to add the detail before finalizing the photo. That said, it's ridiculous thinking that Marvel approved of the image (if they did) knowing that it has such a huge flaw. This is definitely a bigger blunder than the mixed up logos considering that it's a more noticeable mistake as Iron Man is basically at the forefront of the image, not to mention that his arc reactor is basically his personal emblem. Check it out below:

What's interesting about this particular mistake is that there's already a similar graphic in distribution that's correct (and another that has the studio's logo over Iron Man's chest). However, since both incorrect images are only product shots used by retailers, there's a possibility that Marvel has made the necessary changes needed to correct the said graphic mistakes before actually rolling the products out. And while usually, no one wants to get defective products, some fans are actually actively seeking these box sets as they can be unique items that would be great collectibles.

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Source: Gamer0607 , zappapostrophe

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