16 Best Avengers Who Aren't In The MCU Yet, Ranked

In less than ten years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has already given fans live-action appearances of over a dozen Avengers, including flagship characters like Iron Man and Captain America, as well as some of their more obscure members, such as Mantis and Mockingbird. Fans of the Avengers have been excited to see comic book characters like Vision and Scarlet Witch soar in popularity after appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

We're led to wonder which Avengers we'll see next in the MCU movie. Despite the high number of Earth's Mightiest Heroes who have already appeared in the films, many of the Avengers' key members have yet to make their mark on the MCU. For some, appearing in an MCU movie or TV series is inevitable, while others may never receive even a second of screen time.

Over the years, so many superheroes have joined the ranks of the Avengers that fans barely identify some of them as members. Others have been on the team for decades, and have made such significant contributions to the group that they deserve some level of recognition in the MCU.

With that said, let's rank the 16 Best Avengers Who Aren't In The MCU Yet.

16 Namor


Namor the Sub-Mariner is well-known to comic book audiences as Marvel's first superhero, who was introduced in 1939. The Prince of Atlantis has been associated with Earth's Mightiest Heroes as far back as Avengers #3 in 1964, when he appeared as an antagonist.

With his arrogant personality, super strength, and bad disposition, the character served as a recurring foe and occasional ally of the team until 1985, when the iconic anti-hero officially joined the group.

Feeling broken after being forced to abdicate his throne, Namor looked for a new cause to fight for as an Avenger. During this time, Namor was shown to be slightly more humble and easier to get along with, since he no longer had a kingdom to rule.

Namor's stint with the Avengers lasted only a few years. The character has since developed strong ties to the X-Men, and seems to have put his time as an Avenger behind him. Reports of a Namor the Sub-Mariner project filming in Hawaii suggest that the character will finally be introduced into the MCU after spending years in creative limbo.

15 Moon Knight

Moon Knight is a Batman RipOff

Sometimes described as Marvel's version of Batman, Moon Knight is a costumed crime-fighter with multiple personalities. He was granted his abilities by the Egyptian God of the Moon, Khonshu. Moon Knight was a solo hero for most of his career until he received a message from Khonshu, telling him to rescue the West Coast Avengers who were stranded in the past. After succeeding, Moon Knight was invited to join the team.

However, Moon Knight never was much of a team-player, which kept him from ever feeling at home with the Avengers. When the team split over their no-killing rule, Moon Knight sided with Mockingbird and Tigra, leaving team to form their own group.

Moon Knight eventually discovered that Khonshu had inhabited his body and had been controlling him for months. Khonshu had made Moon Knight believe that his destiny was to become an Avenger so that Khonshu could experience what it felt like to be one of them. Once Moon Knight knew the truth, he immediately cut ties with the Avengers.

In 2010, Moon Knight accepted an offer from Steve Rogers to join his team of Secret Avengers, a black-ops team of superheroes.

14 U.S. Agent

John Walker was a former soldier enhanced with super strength who took over the mantle of "Captain America" when Steve Rogers abandoned the title and shield. As the new Sentinel of Liberty, Walker employed more violent methods than his predecessor, and held a set of ideals that Rogers claimed tarnished his legacy.

After Rogers defeated Walker and took back his mantle, Walker became U.S. Agent. He joined the West Coast Avengers under the leadership of Hawkeye. Since Hawkeye's values were heavily influenced by Captain America, U.S. Agent often clashed with Hawkeye, which eventually resulted in an all-out brawl.

His good intentions were often overlooked due to his blunt and self-righteous behavior. Despite the fact that U.S. Agent was disliked by most of his teammates (especially Hawkeye), he knew how to run a team and truly cared about protecting the country.

13 Rick Jones

In The Avengers movie, the heroes were brought together by Nick Fury, the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., to fight Loki, though in the comics the circumstances behind the group's reformation were quite different. The person who united them all was Rick Jones, the teenage sidekick of the Hulk. Rick Jones had a group called the Teen Brigade, who alerted the Avengers to Loki's presence using radio communication.

Rick Jones later donned the "Bucky" uniform to become Captain America's new sidekick. During this time, Rick Jones worked hard to become an Avenger, but was held back by his lack of super powers. Jones only managed to acquire honorary status in the group.

Rick Jones had a key role in the Kree-Skrull War when he was given the Destiny Force by the Supreme Intelligence. With the Destiny Force, Rick Jones had enough power to turn the tide against the Skrulls. Rick Jones used the Destiny Force to call forth members of the Avengers from different time periods to save the universe from Immortus in the limited series, Avengers Forever.

12 Sentry

Sentry of Marvel Comics

As a character who has been in comic books for less than twenty years, Sentry has established himself a reputation for being one of Marvel's strongest superheroes. His association with the Avengers began after the event, Avengers Disassembled, which saw the Avengers fall apart due to the reality manipulations of Scarlet Witch. Sentry was one of the heroes recruited by Captain America to form a new team of Avengers.

Said to possess the power of a million exploding suns, Sentry was an effective powerhouse who helped fill the gap left by other Avengers mainstays who were no longer with the group. Sentry stayed with the group for several years, assisting them in several events such as World War Hulk, Civil War, and Siege.

Sentry's reputation as an Avenger and a hero was undone by his dark side, a part of himself that Sentry had previously identified as a separate entity called the Void. Sentry's desire to rid himself of the Void led him into a dangerous pact with Norman Osborn.

In allying with Osborn, Sentry became a foe of the Avengers and a killer of Gods. Having murdered Ares and Loki, Sentry was taken up into the sun by Thor to die.

11 Justice

In an alternate future set in the 31st century, astronaut and mutant Vance Astro became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy after spending a thousand years in suspended animation.

After time-traveling back to the 20th century, Astro prevented his past self from going down the same path by causing him to access his latent mutant powers. The younger version of Astro decided not to become an astronaut and, instead, became Justice, a member of the New Warriors.

Like his counterpart, Justice is a lifelong fan of Captain America. With super powers, he was able to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an Avenger. Alongside his girlfriend Firestar, Justice joined the team and used his telekinesis to help the team on various missions.

Justice later joined Avengers Academy as an instructor.

10 Quasar

In recent years, Avril Kincaid and Phyla-Vell are superheroes who have gone by the name "Quasar." However, before them, the title belonged to Wendell Vaughn, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent who was appointed the Protector of the Universe after finding a pair of Quantum Bands that gave him the power to manipulate energy, much like DC's Green Lantern.

Quasar was portrayed as an everyman thrust into cosmic conflicts. The character joined the Avengers in 1989 during a time when the team had recently been revived, following a previous decision to disband. Since the Avengers were low on members, Quasar easily became a major character in the series for three years before being replacement by other, more prominent heroes.

He had important roles in major events like Infinity War, Infinity Gauntlet, and Galactic Storm. Though the character's tenure with the group failed to last, Quasar's determination to save the world, despite feeling outclassed by most heroes, proved that he had the heart of an Avenger.

9 Tigra

Formerly known as "The Cat," Tigra is a superhero who was mystically altered to obtain feline attributes and abilities. She joined the Avengers in 1982, but not because it was her idea. The thought was telepathically put into her mind by Moondragon.

Nonetheless, Tigra became a valuable asset to the team, despite the fact that she spent much of her time believing she wasn't worthy. Her self-doubts won out in the end, leading her to quit the team.

Tigra received a second chance when she was invited to join Hawkeye's West Coast Avengers. For several years, Tigra was one of the West Coast branch's most important members. Though she was a key part of the team's success, Tigra came with a lot of baggage.

The feline side of her personality craved attention, causing her to have affairs with Wonder Man and Hank Pym at the same time. She was offered a cure for her condition but the price was to kill Master Pandemonium, a deed that would have violated the Avengers' code. Her devotion to her newfound friends made her refuse the deal.

Most recently, Tigra served as an instructor at Hank Pym's Avengers Academy.

8 Spider-Woman

Spider-Woman in Marvel Comics

Jessica Drew is Spider-Woman, a superhuman with spider-like powers brainwashed into being an agent of HYDRA. Drew eventually turned against HYDRA, however, and became a full-fledged superhero.

Spider-Woman has been fighting crime since 1977, but didn't become associated with the Avengers until the 21st century. After years of guest appearances in other titles, Spider-Woman rose back to prominence when she joined the Avengers in 2005. Four years later, it was revealed that this entire time "Spider-Woman" was actually the queen of the Skrulls in disguise.

Though this revelation meant that Spider-Woman was never an Avenger, it served to bring the real Spider-Woman back into the spotlight. She received her own series and a spot on the Avengers roster. Spider-Woman felt unworthy of the title of Avenger, and did everything she could to earn it.

7 Sersi

Sersi is a fun-loving Eternal who tries to get the most out of her immortality by throwing parties. With the ability to manipulate matter on a grand scale, Sersi is considered to be of the most powerful Eternals on Earth.

Sersi mostly used her powers for her enjoyment until Captain America started asking her for help. When he offered her a chance to join the Avengers, Sersi gladly accepted. Sersi began her career as an Avenger by teasing Captain America with her flirtatious personality. Though at times Sersi presented herself as someone who didn't take her job very seriously, her abilities proved her worth.

She soon became more aggressive, reckless, and unstable due to the secret manipulation of the villain, Proctor. Sersi's potential for destruction drew comparisons to Jean Grey of the X-Men, who had similar capabilities when turned into Dark Phoenix. Sersi was portrayed as the Avengers' most dangerous member until Scarlet Witch's reality-warping abilities manifested.

Since Scarlet Witch's most destructive powers seem to be missing in the MCU, Sersi would easily be able to fill that role in a future installment of The Avengers.

6 Swordsman

The Swordsman is best-remembered as the man who trained Hawkeye. He was a criminal who tried to take Hawkeye down the same path. He later tried to join the Avengers in order to take advantage of the benefits, but ended up becoming a villain.

The Swordsman tried to redeem himself when he met and fell in love with Mantis. Swordsman and Mantis joined the Avengers in 1973, but it took time to earn their teammates' trust. The Swordsman struggled with feelings of inadequacy that grew worse when Mantis decided that the Swordsman was unworthy of her and made advancements toward the Vision.

When Kang the Conqueror kidnapped Mantis and the rest of the Avengers, he left the Swordsman behind after telling him that the Swordsman was too weak to stop him. However, the Swordsman persevered against impossible odds and managed to save the Avengers. Unfortunately, his life was the cost. In his dying breaths, he claimed that he was just "one of those people who doesn't count."

The Swordsman was truly a tragic figure whose fear of failure made him a uniquely human character.

5 Spectrum

Gifted with the ability to transform into any form of electromagnetic energy, police lieutenant Monica Rambeau became the costumed superhero Captain Marvel and was invited to join the Avengers. After fighting alongside some of the Avengers' most dangerous foes, Rambeau was elected as the team's leader when the Wasp stepped down.

Rambeau guided the Avengers through many challenges until she met with a tragic accident in the water while in her electromagnetic form. Rambeau lost her abilities and was forced to retire. Rambeau eventually regained her powers but has yet to rejoin the main team.

Rambeau became one of the Avengers' greatest leaders and easily one of their strongest female characters. Rambeau is also one of the few characters with enough confidence to put both Namor and Hercules in their place.

Under the name "Spectrum," she has recently served as the field leader of Luke Cage's team of Mighty Avengers.

4 She-Hulk

She-Hulk Lifting Weights

Daredevil is not the only lawyer in the Marvel Universe who secretly moonlights as a superhero. Jennifer Walters is a prosecutor who transforms into the immensely-strong She-Hulk. Unlike her cousin Bruce Banner, Walters still retains her intelligence while in her She-Hulk form, though she also becomes more aggressive and self-confident.

She-Hulk joined the Avengers in Avengers #221 in 1982. She remained an important character throughout most of the '80s. She was the team's muscle whenever Thor was absent. She-Hulk is portrayed as a feisty character who bickers with her teammates, particularly Hawkeye, but is also shown to use humor while battling enemies.

She-Hulk has often struggled with guilt due to violent, uncontrollable rampages that are usually caused by outside forces. Her guilt has twice led her to quit the Avengers.

3 Black Knight

The most skilled swordsman in the Marvel Universe is the Black Knight, a superhero who wields the Ebony Blade. The Ebony Blade is a magical sword that carries a blood curse, which is activated whenever the blade draws innocent blood.

Black Knight joined the Avengers in 1969 as a reserve member after helping them fight Kang the Conqueror. Black Knight became an active member of the team in the 1980s. As his role continued to grow, he was eventually chosen to be the team's new field leader. Black Knight was also involved in a love triangle with Sersi and the Inhuman, Crystal.

During the early 1990s, Black Knight was the face of the Avengers. He was featured at the center of most of their cover art and was the focus of many of their major storylines. Though the character's appearances in recent titles have been limited, Black Knight did star in his own limited series in 2016.

2 Hercules

Hercules (Marvel)

The two strongest Avengers are arguably Thor and Hercules, though each may disagree on which one actually deserves the title of the strongest Avenger. Hercules and Thor have had clashes several times in the countless centuries that they've known each other.

In the 1960s, when Thor was on leave from the Avengers, Hercules joined the team and for a while acted as a stand-in, who easily made up for the lack of raw power caused by Thor's departure. Hercules may have appeared to be just a substitute for the God of Thunder, but the Prince of Power was much more than just a Thor clone.

As a lazy, boastful womanizer, Hercules derives pleasure from fighting and will readily accept any challenge. Hercules also welcomes his friends with an unconventional greeting called "the Gift," which comes in the form of a punch to the face.

In the early '90s, The Avengers began to portray Hercules as a more tragic, human character, troubled by both his past and his immortality. Hercules has evolved far beyond the Thor clone he was initially mistaken for into one of the team's most iconic members.

1 Wonder Man

Wonder Man Simon Williams

Powered with ionic energy to destroy the Avengers, Wonder Man seemingly died of poison after refusing to follow through on his mission. His death was a meaningful moment for the Avengers, as well as a source of inspiration for writers like George R. Martin.

A decade later, Wonder Man was revived. After becoming an Avenger, Wonder Man developed a fear of death, despite being nearly as strong as Thor. Wonder Man overcame his fears in the 1980s when he discovered that he couldn't permanently die.

He has stayed active as a member of various Avengers teams for decades, while also maintaining a career as a Hollywood actor. His membership is usually cut short by his untimely death, which generally is the result of Wonder Man performing the ultimate sacrifice to save his team.

Wonder Man (played by Nathan Fillion) was originally expected to appear on a few posters in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, but the scene was cut. Director James Gunn claims that the scene can be considered cannon, but only time will tell if Wonder Man will ever make an official entry into the MCU.


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