Avengers Are Going 'Back to Basics' With New Comic Series

The Avengers: Back to Basics comic book series reunites Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man reunite for a comiXology exclusive miniseries written by Peter David. Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk will have to team up to avert Ragnarok, the mythical event which involves the destruction of Asgard.

In 1963, Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Hank Pym, and the Wasp formed the Avengers after banding together to defeat Thor's evil brother, Loki. Following their victory, it didn't take long at all for the roster to change. The Hulk left the group to go solo, just before Captain America came aboard to become a flagship member. As the Hulk continued to distanced himself from the team, the other heroes rotated in and out of the Avengers for decades, while simultaneously welcoming reformed criminals, established characters from other teams, and brand-new heroes. Next year, fans will finally get a chance to see the founders of Avengers working together once again for another big adventure.

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Penned by award-winning writer Peter David, Avengers: Back to Basics is expected to do just as the title implies by bringing together Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk for a "terrifying tale of Ragnarok" that begins with a solar eclipse that's about to hit North America. As the eclipse turns out to be more than it appears, the Avengers discover that a new darkness is coming that will bring with it a "terrible and ancient danger."

Described as a perfect entry point for new fans and longtime readers, Back to Basics is expected to feature other fan-favorite characters. It remains to be seen if Avengers co-founders Hank Pym and Wasp will also appear.

As a ComiXology exclusive, fans interested in Back to Basics will have to buy each issue for $2.99 from comiXology or Kindle. Alternatively, fans who are subscribed to ComiXology Unlimited can read the series for free. Other Marvel ComiXology exclusives include The Immortal Iron Fists, Thor vs. Hulk: Champions of the Universe, and Black Panther: Long Live the King, which all debuted in 2017.

As with previous titles, it seems that Back to Basics won't fit into any particular point in continuity. Judging by the cover art, the series will instead make use of classic, more recognizable versions of the three main characters.

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Avengers: Back to Basics arrives March 7, 2018 on ComiXology and Kindle.

Source: Marvel

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