First Trailer for 'Marvel's Avengers Assemble' Animated Series

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Though summer won't see the return of Marvel's Avengers in movie theaters until 2015 when The Avengers 2 arrives, the small screen will see the superheroes assemble in July of this year.

Disney XD will premiere the animated series Marvel's Avengers Assemble (which is replacing Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes) on Sunday, July 7th, and a special one-hour preview episode will air on Sunday, May 26th the week before, both airing in the morning at 11am EST.

All of your favorite heroes are featured in the series including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow. And the animated series will get a jump on Captain America: The Winter Soldier by introducing Cap's sidekick Falcon.

The one-hour preview episode on May 26th serves as a sort of precursor to the series premiere and is separated into two parts. The Avengers Protocol: Part I sees Captain America, apparently destroyed by Red Skull, forcing Iron Man to get the team back together, avenge Cap's death and defeat Red Skull's army. Then in The Avengers Protocol: Part II, Red Skull and M.O.D.O.K. get their hands on Tony Stark's armor, forcing the tense assembly of heroes to overcome their differences in order to stop New York City from being destroyed.

Marvel's Avengers Assemble

Then the series premiere, titled Ghost of a Chance, introduces Falcon to the team. But the rookie is forced to prove himself by stopping an invasion of Earth as The Avengers fall victim to body-swapping Space Phantoms.

Yes, these episodes sound exactly like what fans should expect from weekend morning cartoons following superheroes. And if you watch the trailer above, the re-purposed monologue from Tony Stark in The Avengers doing a headcount of the team is filled with zingers and humor that kids will just eat up.

It's clear that this will utilize much more of Marvel's comic book mythology by blending villains and heroes that we've yet to see work together on the big screen, and it will continue to keep the younger crowd interested in Marvel's superhero ensemble in between the big blockbuster films. And there just might be something for older comic book fans to enjoy as well.


Marvel's Avengers Assemble has a one-hour preview May 26th at 11am EST, and the series premieres July 7th at 11am EST on Disney XD.

Source: Marvel

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