Could Avengers 4 Set Up A Young Avengers TV Show?

The state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following Avengers 4 is bound to be very different from the world we know now. The cosmos and the multiverse both look to have an expanded role within Marvel films following Avengers: Infinity War alone, and we've heard that smaller, more intimate movies will populate Phase 4 as well. With so many new avenues to explore, Marvel has the chance to bring more of its great characters to the big screen. But as the MCU continues to grow on TV—from The Defenders universe on Netflix to Runaways on Hulu—there are even greater opportunities when it comes to bringing more eccentric concepts to the life.

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Runaways has already opened the door for a teen-centric superhero show that feels wildly different from the rest of the MCU, and Cloak & Dagger and New Warriors will continue that work. When it comes to infamous teen teams from Marvel Comics, the most obvious candidate for an upcoming adaption is the Young Avengers. The idea of bringing the team and tone from writer Kieron Gillen and artist Jamie McKelvie, meanwhile, is even more exciting given how groundbreaking and genre-bending the book was. But more than just being a fantastic idea, information surrounding Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 seems to be setting the stage for the Young Avengers to join the MCU—and a TV show would be the perfect way to bring the team to life.

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All-New, All-Different Hawkeye

The Young Avengers were born in 2005, just in time to cross over with Civil War. They even helped bring Scarlet Witch back into the fold of the Marvel Universe after she helped to wipe out most of mutantkind and a few heroes. One of the heroes, in fact, was Clint Barton. Dying more than once and being brought back, most of the world believes Hawkeye to be gone following the finale of House of M. In reality, he hangs around and even gets offered the role of Captain America after Steve Rogers is killed in Civil War. He ends up becoming Ronin, however, serving with the New Avengers while his previous mantle lives on.

In Hawkeye's absence, Kate Bishop takes up the bow, arrow, and name of the infamous archer. She joins up with a number of other teen heroes and they help save the world a few times. But it's the 2013 rendition of the team by Gillen and McKelvin that has had fans clamoring for the arrival of the Young Avengers in the MCU.

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The book wove together pop culture, a millennial's eye view of the world, and plenty of absurdist humor. Along the way, the emotions, traumas, and loves of the teens were explored in a book that pushed queer visibility in superhero comics to new heights. It also made stars out of Kate Bishop and America Chavez, along with the rest of their team. Ms. America has been growing in prominence recently, with her own solo title and a role in the upcoming animated film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors. As such, it seems like only a matter of time before she joins the MCU. When it comes to the new Hawkeye, however, the stage is already being set.

Thanks to set photos and looks at Jeremy Renner in Avengers 4, it seems clear that Clint will become some version of Ronin in the film. While the circumstances leading up to this will have to be changed for the MCU, there's plenty established that could allow for Hawkeye's death and rebirth—and the passing of the mantle. Scarlet Witch and Vision will be exploring their romance in Infinity War and Thanos coming to Earth will lead to plenty of destruction.

Either of these events could lead to the death of Clint Barton, or more likely his family. His return as the darker Ronin for Avengers 4, then, would leave his old alias open for a legacy character to takeover. Even if Avengers 4 doesn't directly address this, a small cameo by Renner would be a great way to kick off a Young Avengers series and bring a live-action Kate Bishop into existence.

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