How Avengers 4 Can Add X-Men To The MCU Retroactively

When Avengers 4 Changes Reality, X-Men Can Be Born

By now every comic book movie fans knows the shock of Infinity War's ending, and probably entertained at least one of the fan theories focused on what comes next. Whichever theory proves to be true - that Tony Stark visits Avengers memories and not actually the past, or that Thanos time traveled after his snap - most fans know that the mass slaughter will be reversed sooner rather than later. And Avengers 4 is the soonest solution.

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Regardless of exactly how the filmmakers decide to undo the events of Infinity War, the fact remains that they will have messed with the regular order of things (as much as Thanos set out to, and eventually achieved). And any fan of time travel stories knows that messing with the past makes almost anything possible. In fact, both Marvel and DC have counted on rewriting of history to introduce new characters, or incorporate alternate timeline events and stories into canon. And sometimes, even fold one universe into another.

And whether the residents of either universe are even aware that things used to be different is also up for a vote. But it's important to remember: this will still be Marvel's Cinematic Universe we're dealing with. Which means a few things should be expected.

The X-Men Will Be The Ones To Change, Not Marvel

If Avengers 4 sees Doctor Strange and Iron Man's plan play out perfectly, and the trillions of dead are restored to life through either changing reality or history, then Marvel has its opportunity to turn two properties into one. If the Avengers were to celebrate in one giant group hug, only to be interrupted by the X-Men, even casual audiences probably have enough experience with science fiction films and alternate-timeline stories to understand what has taken place.

Again, we're not saying that will happen, or that it's even likely. But if that scene were to transpire in a future film, the characters would probably start their search for an explanation with the way they "saved the day" in Avengers 4. In changing history to prevent Thanos from winning, they sent a ripple through time that saw mutants (and eventually, the X-Men) born in this reality, too. Or by changing reality, the world of the Avengers and that of the X-Men were folded into one.

If this were the comics, then we might expect to see both continuities honored, and either both or neither of the characters aware of the larger narrative hand at work. But since it's Marvel Studios and the MCU at the wheel, the smart money is doing whatever it takes to fit the X-Men into Marvel's plan and structure... whatever that may be.


With Marvel handling the fate of the X-Men, X-Force, and Deadpool, do you think they should simply inject the current stars into MCU continuity? Or should the characters with the most baggage be completely rebooted from the start alongside Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers?

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