Avengers 4 Might Include War Machine's Devastating Proton Cannon

An Avengers 4 set image might have revealed the upcoming introduction of War Machine's proton cannon to the MCU. The scheduled re-shoots for the still-untitled film are currently underway, with several actors arriving in Atlanta to finish the movie. And although Don Cheadle hasn't been spotted on the set just yet, fans of his Marvel character may already have something to look forward to when the superhero returns to the big screen next year.

Earlier this week, directors Joe and Anthony Russo posted a cryptic image on their social media sending MCU fans into a frenzy. However, while most of them were convinced that the black and white snap taken on the set of the much-anticipated blockbuster sneakily revealed the official title for Avengers 4, one fan discovered a different detail from the photo implying that War Machine will get a major weapon upgrade in the movie.

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Reddit user lukefairchild pointed out an object in the recent image posted by the Russo Brothers that looks very similar to War Machine's proton cannon, which fans already briefly saw in Avengers: Infinity War during his conversation with Thunderbolt Ross (William Hurt). First seen in the Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes video game from 2002, the high-powered weapon allows Rhodey to easily destroy everything in his path, which would be very useful when battling it out with Thanos again. Check out the images in question below:

Fans already know that War Machine will be getting some nifty upgrades to his suit thanks to the leaked concept artwork for Avengers 4, which offered people their first look at the returning heroes. So it's not outside the realm of possibility that he'll get other new and more powerful weapons, especially when they're gearing up for the ultimate showdown with Thanos. Additionally, if Tony Stark was able to design a special suit for Peter Parker after knowing him for just a couple of years, there's no reason for him to skimp on Rhodey's suit and weaponry. Now that Spider-Man is already gone, Stark will most likely be more vigilant in keeping everyone he holds dear to his heart safe, and Rhodey being one of his oldest and most loyal pals is definitely one of them.

What's interesting is that the proton cannon was already at the Avengers headquarters during Infinity War. Perhaps Stark was already working on it before chaos ensued due to Thanos' arrival. Otherwise, it's also possible that the soundstage that Joe Russo's photo was taken in was supposed to be a reincarnation of the Avengers HQ, and given that it was already there before, it remains there after the surviving heroes return from their bout with the Mad Titan. It'll be a long wait before Avengers 4 hit theaters, but fans can expect to learn more about the film by the end of the year, once official marketing begins. That said, Marvel fans don't have a scarcity of new content to talk about, with Captain Marvel officially kicking off its marketing via the release of its first trailer.

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Source: lukefairchild/Reddit

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