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A photo from what appears to be the set of Avengers 4 shows Paul Bettany doing paperwork as Vision. While fans wait for Marvel Studios to begin its first major marketing push for next summer's Avengers: Infinity War, they have updates from the now-in-production Infinity War followup to tide them over. Avengers 4 doesn't have an official title as of yet, but reports and images from the movie's set have already begun to tease what happens after Earth's Mightiest Heroes have their first major battle with the mad titan Thanos. Similar to the rumors that the events of Infinity War will lead to Hawkeye taking on a new identity, the movie could have a significant impact on Vision in particular.

Even since Avengers: Age of Ultron showed Vision being created by way of the Mind Stone, fans have been wondering what will happen to the character once Thanos (Josh Brolin) comes to collect said Infinity Stone. It's been said that Vision and Scarlet Witch have an exciting plotline in Infinity War and their impending romance could turn tragic, should Vision undergo a significant change if (when?) his Mind Stone is removed. As such, it's possibly that Avengers 4 will have plenty of heart-wrenching scenes for both Wanda and Vision, too (though obviously, that's not a given just yet).

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Bettany has now posted a photo to his Instagram account that shows him on the set of what's likely Avengers 4. The film is in full swing - and with no indication this image was a throwback, it seems safe to assume it comes from the set of the sequel to Infinity War. In it, we see Bettany in his full Vision make-up and costume (complete with motion capture dots) doing some paperwork. Though the scene is reminiscent of Vision's business casual look from Captain America: Civil War, there's a good chance it's merely showing the actor taking a break from filming.

@markruffalo took this picture of me catching up on paper work.

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With no indication that this is from an actual movie scene, it appears as through Mark Ruffalo merely caught Bettany attending to something while on a break. Given how long it takes to get into the Vision make-up, Bettany likely spends a lot of down time in his costume. Still, it's a strong reminder just how practical the Vision we see onscreen actually is.

Interestingly, this photo mirrors a similar Avengers 4 image posted by Karen Gillian, demonstrating just how practical her Nebula makeup is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the next two Avengers films will feature more than their fair share of CGI, it's heartening to know that plenty of practical effects will be used in the spectcle-driven films too.

As we await something more concrete on Avengers 4, new information from the set has been coming in at a regular pace - be it in the form of rumors about Nick Fury showing up (despite Samuel L. Jackson's claims to the contrary) or glimpses at what appears to be a new arc reactor for Tony Stark. As filming continues, expect even more Avengers 4 set photos and rumors to make their way online too.

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Source: Paul Bettany

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