What If Avengers 4's Villain Isn't Thanos? Predicting A Shocking Marvel Twist

Thanos Avengers Team-up

Thanos Has Teamed Up With The Avengers In The Comics

The source material provided by Marvel Comics has given us a few instances where Thanos has had to ally with the universe's heroes. Starting with the combined efforts of Thanos and cosmic hero Adam Warlock (alongside his Infinity Watch) to defeat a powerful being called the Magus, who attempted to replace all the beings in existence with evil doppelgangers of his own creation, the Mad Titan has had periods of time where he operated as an anti-hero to protect the cosmos.

Later, when Thor apparently went insane, Thanos was recruited to help combat the rogue God of Thunder by the Silver Surfer, alongside Doctor Strange, Adam Warlock and the Infinity Watch. He was later personally thanked by Odin and Thor for his help. He also once saved Spider-Man and the Surfer from a malicious supercomputer called Quasimodo.

When the heroes of Earth discovered that a parallel universe was making incursions into their own reality, endangering both, Thanos even set out with Namor and the rest of their Cabal to destroy the opposing universe. Thanos also ended his alliance with Annihilus and his Annihilation Wave, freeing Galactus from his dastardly machinations, in order to preserve existence. When taken into account that one of the rumored titles of Avengers 4 is Avengers: Annihilation, its easy to imagine that elements of that storyline could be featured - although characters like Annihilus and Galactus are currently caught up in the Disney/Fox merger, and thus likely won't be allowed to be used for some time.

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There are so many storylines to draw from that it wouldn't be too much of a surprise to see the Avengers team up with their hated foe on-screen.

Potential Villains: The Mind Stone

A recent fan theory on Reddit posited that the Mind Stone is more pivotal to the plot of the Avengers movies than fans realize. Infamously, it was the last ingot for Thanos to achieve, and audiences thought our heroes were successful in preventing him from getting to it - when the Scarlet Witch heartbreakingly destroyed it whilst it was centered in her beloved Vision’s head.

Of course, Thanos managed to use his newly-acquired Time Stone to simply rewind the event, undoing Vision’s heroic sacrifice and ripping the Mind Stone right out of his skull. Going forward into Avengers 4, we could see the Mind Stone taking more precautions to defend itself - thus tying in with the other prevalent theory, that the Stone is sentient, and has been - with no less than malicious intent - ever since we unknowingly first saw it makes its debut as Loki’s scepter in The Avengers.

The Mind Stone appears to be at the center of almost every conflict the Avengers have faced since their inception. When the Avengers capture Loki and begin analyzing his scepter (with the Mind Stone within it), the weapon itself appears to be fostering discord among the nascent team, leading them to be more combative with each other than they should reasonably be. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Banner and Stark discover that the scepter is “thinking”. The Mind Stone gave Witch her powers, which she initially uses on Stark - bestowing on him a dark prophecy of his teammates dying, that ultimately drives him to use the scepter to create Ultron. And, of course, Ultron (created by the mind stone) is the murderbot that went on to try and delete all of humanity.

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It certainly appears that the longer people are subjected to the Mind Stone, the more they want to fight, destroy or kill. Like Thor says after Vision’s creation, “I've had a vision. A whirlpool that sucks in all hope of life, and at its center is that,” pointing to the stone in Vision’s head. Vision himself seems to be unaffected by the seemingly malevolent Stone - as Banner points out in Avengers: Infinity War, Vision’s mind is “a complex series of overlays,” but that doesn’t exclude the possibility that, say, everybody lost their minds a little bit during Captain America: Civil War and fought each other, thanks to their proximity to him and it?

What if Scarlet Witch temporarily destroying the Mind Stone causes it to reach a new height of sentience and autonomy in Avengers 4, becoming the final threat it's been building to be all this time? Is it possible it could take over Thanos’ mind completely - after all, he may have only become the ‘Mad’ Titan after the scepter first came into his possession before the first Avengers movie. An all-powerful Mind Stone controlling someone as powerful as Thanos could lead to the Avengers attempting to free the poor, Mad Titan, and possibly team up with him to defeat it immediately afterward.

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