Marvel India Twitter Is Trolling Fans Over Avengers 4 Trailer

Marvel Studios is once again trolling their fans about the release of the Avengers 4 trailer. Ever since the shocking events of Infinity War, audiences have been eager to see what's next for Earth's Mightiest in their fight against Thanos. As most know by now, Marvel's epic crossover event ended with half of the universe's population (including plants and animals) being reduced to dust after the Mad Titan collected all the Infinity Stones and snapped his fingers. With the survivors left scrambling to make sense of it all, viewers prepared for the long wait for the sequel.

Now that Ant-Man and the Wasp is out and the first Captain Marvel trailer has been dissected, moviegoers are growing all the more impatient for the first look at Avengers 4. Marvel has been particularly secretive about this one, even withholding the official title as of this writing. Of course, those who work at the studio are well aware people are desperate for any Avengers 4 footage they can get their hands on, and they're having a little fun at fans' expense.

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The Marvel India Twitter account shared a new post today, beginning with the phrase "Here's the Avengers 4..." to goad people into thinking the film's long-awaited preview was finally here. As it turns out, it's just a silly video highlighting Avengers 4 character Thor and his anatomy, which includes "crave-worthy smooth silky blonde hair" and "Chest as strong as a knight's armor." Check it out in the space below:

This isn't the first time Marvel India has commented on the ever-growing demand for the Avengers 4 trailer. Just yesterday, they followed up a post featuring a stylized illustration of Hulk with a mock "#WhereIsTheAvengers4Trailer" outcry. UPDATE: the second tweet has now been deleted.

Most fans seem to be taking this in good jest it's intended in, but not everyone is going to to find it so amusing. A case can be made Marvel's trolling approach could be detrimental, drawing out the hype to excruciating lengths and raising expectations to extraordinarily high levels. It seems unlikely either the title reveal or trailer can live up to what people have in mind - something none other than Kevin Feige has alluded to. Of course, Marvel is riding an unprecedented hot streak with few (if any) real missteps to speak of, so it's clear they have a solid handle on how to market their upcoming projects.

One would have to think it's only a matter of days before the first Avengers 4 trailer arrives. As a comparison, Infinity War's teaser came out on November 29, 2017 (or, nearly a year ago as of this writing). Feige has promised the first look at Avengers 4 will debut by the end of 2018, and soon high-profile offerings like Aquaman and Mary Poppins Returns will be playing in theaters. Marvel likely wants something to attach to the big Christmas releases, so hopefully the wait is almost over.

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Source: Marvel India

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