Latest Avengers 4 Trailer Release Rumor Points To End Of This Week

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UPDATE: The Avengers 4 trailer has been released. Watch it here!

The Avengers 4 trailer release date rumors now indicate it will drop at the end of this week. The anticipation for the first footage from the conclusion to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been high for months, but it has recently grown to become overwhelming. And considering the wait, fans are eager to know when exactly the trailer will debut.

Marvel Studios has been even more secretive than usual when it comes to Avengers 4. There hasn't been a single piece of official marketing - let alone a reveal of the actual title - for the film to this point and we're just around five months away from the movie hitting theaters. It may be even sooner if Marvel moves up the release date, but the film's release date is not the thing that has kept Marvel fans buzzing as of late. Despite speculation of an earlier launch, the only thing that has been confirmed is that the trailer will arrive before the end of the year.

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Over the last several weeks, the hunt has been on to find and reveal when the Avengers 4 trailer release date is. The latest rumor from DanielRPK of SuperBroMovies now states the trailer will arrive on Friday, Dec. 7. He previously reported the trailer would arrive on Wednesday Dec. 5th, but that is no longer the case. If this was the plan, the reported reasoning behind the move is the funeral for George H.W. Bush, which is happening on Wednesday. Even if that is the case, everyone should take this latest rumor with several grains of salt with how many different dates have been reported and then not panned out.

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Trying to pinpoint the exact Avengers 4 trailer date has proven to be a futile task so far for anyone. There were reports of late November that were believed to be true at the time, but the true madness has come over the last week or so. At one point last week, there was an expectation - largely created by the spread of a particular, unfounded rumor - that the Avengers 4 trailer was going to arrive. Then, there was speculation it was going to arrive yesterday, but the second Captain Marvel trailer debuted instead. That move then made Wednesday the landing spot most thought the Avengers 4 trailer would drop, until plans apparently changed again. So even though Friday is claimed to be the final date, there's no telling whether or not that could change again.

At this point, it is impossible to know for sure what is happening with the Avengers 4 trailer. The excitement is certainly warranted, but the frenzy surrounding the date is becoming a bit much. It is best to simply wait for Marvel's official announcement before putting too much stock in any reported date at this point. It may just be that Marvel knows exactly what they're doing by "delaying" the trailer launch, as it only continues to generate conversations as a result.

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Source: DanielRPK

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