Tom Holland Breaks His Nose While Filming [Updated]

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Tom Holland has once again broken his nose, this time while finishing up filming for Avengers 4. While set photos and videos have revealed plenty of tidbits regarding next year's Avengers: Infinity War, its follow-up has remained much more mysterious. Part of that is due to Marvel Studios being extra secretive about the film, given what it could reveal about next summer's team-up. Nevertheless, a number of characters are now confirmed for Avengers 4, thanks to dispatches from the set.

Avengers 4 is now entering its final weeks of filming, with the trailer launch for Avengers: Infinity War looming on the horizon. Phase 4 announcements won't come before Avengers 4 is released in theaters, so as not to spoil any big changes in the status quo of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One hero who, for sure, will make it out of Avengers 4 alive is Spider-Man, since the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel is set to serve as the first Phase 4 film. Once it begins production, Holland's grueling schedule will continue.

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Reddit user alexperri7 nabbed a video from Holland's Instagram Story in which the actor reveals he has broken his nose for the third time. He also states, sarcastically of course, that it's a great way to finish a movie. It looks as if Holland has wrapped his scenes as Spider-Man/Peter Parker for Avengers 4, which will likely come as a relief for his face. [UPDATE: It's also possible that he broke his nose while filming Chaos Walking, which wraps production this month.]

Injuries on action movie sets aren't uncommon, though they typically befall stunt performers. Holland, however, walks that line as he does many of his own stunts as Spider-Man. In fact, it's his gymnast background that landed him the role in the first place. Naturally, big sequences are still handled by designated stunt people, but Holland's insistence on doing much of his own work helps add to the authenticity of his portrayal.

The downside to this is that Holland gets hurt more than the typical actor, and a facial injury is certainly an unfortunate thing in a film. While it could add more realism to Peter's injuries, it's also a good thing it happened at the end of filming. With any luck, the nose will heal fine as Holland has a lot more Spider-Man work in his future.

Aside from 2019's Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 (not the official title), Holland will likely be back for Avengers 4 reshoots. In fact, it wouldn't be surprising if Avengers: Infinity War even underwent another round of reshoots, considering how massive of a production it is. Following that, Holland will likely have time to pursue a more subdued role before he'll need to suit up again sometime this summer. If he's lucky, his third broken nose will be his last. Hopefully, the actions scenes in Avengers 4 will be worth Holland's injury.

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Source: alexperri7

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