Avengers 4 Title Delay Is Supposed To Scare Fans

If Marvel fans are feeling uneasy about Avengers 4 not having an official title yet, that's apparently by design. There was a point in time when the film was supposed to be the final chapter of an Infinity War two-parter, but those plans later changed. Though the third and fourth Avengers movies filmed back-to-back (and will definitely have connections), it seems as if Infinity War and its unnamed sequel will operate more as self-contained entities that tell their own stories, rather than be a more "traditional" two part narrative a la Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

There's been some debate over the reasoning behind keeping the Avengers 4 title a secret. Last year, Kevin Feige appeared to hint that revealing it now would be to spoil Infinity War, but he later elaborated by saying it was more to keep the focus on this summer's blockbuster and prevent fans from speculating too much about the future. In either case, some viewers are becoming concerned, and Infinity War directors are playing into those fears.

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Responding to a fan on social media, the directors' Twitter account posted a rather ominous message that tells viewers they should be frightened by the title being withheld:

Infinity War has long been billed as the culmination of the MCU's 10 years of storytelling, with Feige teasing some character deaths could be permanent this time. Fans are obviously worried that some of their favorite heroes could bite the dust, which reads as a necessity for Thanos to earn the title of the franchise's most intimidating villain. Marvel can't afford to take the easy way out in Infinity War. While there are other ways to illustrate the consequences of a situation besides killing people off, this seems like a golden opportunity to deliver some hard-hitting emotional beats and really elevate the stakes. It's unlikely the demise of a specific Avenger will be referenced in the Avengers 4 title, the movie's name could give fans an idea of Infinity War's trajectory.

The Russos previously said the title won't be announced until the time is right. They want to give viewers a chance to absorb Infinity War before moving on to the next epic team-up. It sounds plausible, then, for Avengers 4 to be a center piece of Marvel Studios' Hall H presentation at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. By the time the convention revs up, Marvel's entire 2018 slate will have already been released, so people will be looking ahead to next year. There are few better ways to capture the attention of the news cycle than to drop the Avengers 4 title.

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Source: Russo Brothers

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