MCU Fans Petition Mark Ruffalo to Reveal Avengers 4 Title Since He's Already 'Fired'

Mark Ruffalo and Avengers Infinity War

MCU fans are asking Mark Ruffalo to actually reveal the Avengers 4 title since he's still "fired." Marvel Studios has rarely (if ever) been as secretive as they have been about Avengers 4. Not only has there yet to be a trailer, but no official image has been released. As if that wasn't enough to keep fans waiting, the actual title of the next Avengers movie hasn't even been revealed. Technically, next year's Phase 3 capper is officially Untitled Avengers, but the last few weeks have brought several rumors over what it will actually be called.

Despite theories of it being End Game becoming popular, there was a rumor that Annihilation was the title. Shortly thereafter, Ruffalo teased online that he accidentally spoiled something and it was believed that he did confirm the title. Some sleuthing uncovered that Ruffalo said the title was The Last Avenger, but all the commotion caused the Russo brothers to "fire" Ruffalo from the MCU.

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Ruffalo attempted to get back at the directors by calling out their own spoiler with the mysterious Avengers 4 wrap photo, but that didn't go the way Ruffalo intended, as the directors shot back by saying he was still fired. As noted by ComicBook, this has led to many fans pleading with Ruffalo on social media to actually reveal some Avengers 4 details. Requests ranging from the actual title to spoiling the whole movie have come Ruffalo's way, and if he is still fired, there's no reason to hold back the secrets.

Ruffalo's spoiler history is widely documented, but this is all being done in good fun by Marvel, the Russos, and Ruffalo. They're clearly leaning in to the narrative to continue and troll (or maybe even torment) fans waiting for Avengers 4 information. But, just as Marvel's channeled Tom Holland's tendency to spoil things by having him reveal the first Avengers: Infinity War poster or Spider-Man: Far From Home's title, they could do the same with Ruffalo for Avengers 4's marketing.

Even though this charade is likely to continue, it is hopefully all leading to actual beginning of Avengers 4's marketing and the title reveal. Kevin Feige believes that the secrecy surrounding the title has backfired on Marvel Studios, but that doesn't appear to have accelerated their timeline to reveal the sought after information. Whether Avengers 4's title matches up with any of the previous rumored titles or something else entirely, everyone will breathe easier once it is known - especially Ruffalo.

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Source: ComicBook

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