Mark Ruffalo‘s Bleeped Avengers 4 Title Is The Last Avenger

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The bleeped Avengers 4 title Mark Ruffalo said has been revealed, but is it the real title or not? Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been waiting to get some information on Avengers 4 since the very second Avengers: Infinity War ended. Marvel's been extra secretive about what comes next, though, as there's been no marketing to this point and they've yet to confirm what movies will follow. The first piece of information that is expected to drop is the title, which has been the center of attention recently after a rumor claimed the title was Avengers: Annihilation.

This possible title has already been dissected by fans and it looked like Ruffalo was going to confirm the news not too long after. He put Marvel fans on high alert after teasing he dropped a spoiler on Jimmy Fallon's show. Everyone tuned in to see what he said, only to find out that his mouth had been covered with a black bar in post and the audio replaced with a high-frequency ring.

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As much as this appeared to be Marvel trolling everyone, there were still some who believed they could read Ruffalo's facial expressions and mouth movements to "confirm" he said the title was indeed Annihilation. Thanks to Trailer-Track's Anton Volkov, he's successfully edited away the noise from the interview to reveal what Ruffalo actually said. He didn't say Annihilation as many believed, but instead said The Last Avenger. Take a listen:

Now, if Ruffalo is telling the truth, how does Avengers: The Last Avenger fit with what has already been revealed? It would meet the criteria that the title delay would scare fans and could be seen as a spoiler for Infinity War, but isn't close to Avengers: Forever, which the Russo brothers said was the closest guess. Ruffalo also says earlier in the interview that the title is "out there," and The Last Avenger hasn't been rumored or a popular theory before.

This would be a reversal of Captain America: The First Avenger's title, while also giving it a title similar to Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The latter could be an interesting comparison, as Luke died to allow a new generation of Jedi to rise, something the original/surviving Avengers could do here to bring back the next line of heroes. That could make it a choice that is a bit on the nose for the conclusion of Phase 3 and the main Avengers' stories. Plus, would Marvel and Disney really include Avenger in the title twice?

Considering the circumstances of what Ruffalo said, it's somewhat difficult to believe that The Last Avenger is the actual title. The entire Fallon skit was an obvious joke, with Ruffalo launching into an extended "spoiler" reveal pertaining to Hulk's involvement. So, Marvel could just as well have fed Ruffalo a fake title to say even though they planned to bleep him, just in case something like this could be done. Nonetheless, its great to know what Ruffalo actually said. Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before Marvel and Disney decide to actually reveal that Avengers 4 title, and when they do, fans will finally know whether it's subtitled AnnihilationThe Last Avenger, or something else entirely.

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Source: Anton Volkov

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