Avengers 4's Title May Have Been Leaked By The Film's Cinematographer [Updated]

Avengers  4's much-discussed title may have been leaked as "End Game." Two months after Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters, Marvel fans are now scouring the internet for any clues about next year's still-untitled movie. While Kevin Feige and his team are doing their best to make sure that there won't be any leaks, it seems like one of their own may have unintentionally revealed the Phase 3 capper's title.

The film's title is being kept as secret as its plot, but fans can't be stopped from speculating - especially since it's presumed that the main reason why it's being held back is because it could give away too much. For some time Infinity Gauntlet was among the most popular guesses out there, while directors Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed that  Avengers: Forever is the closest Avengers 4 guess they've heard so far.

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Opaloch's official website includes a rundown of all the projects he's worked on, and Omega Undergound spotted Avengers: End Game on the list, prompting people to assume that it might just be the clamored title. While this isn't a confirmation, Opaloch is a frequent collaborator with the Russos, having worked on all three of their previous Marvel movies of the duo, and it is possible (though admittedly somewhat unlikely) that he wasn't aware the movie's title was deliberately being kept secret. Update: In response to the news coverage, Opaloch has now removed End Game from his website.

Avengers Infinity War - Doctor Strange and Iron Man

It would make sense for Avengers 4 to be subtitled "End Game," considering that this was the phrase uttered by Doctor Strange to Tony Stark after giving Thanos the Time Stone. In fact, back in April, Screen Rant theorized that this could be the title, given the emphasis on the words in Infinity War. It's important to remember that since the Sorcerer Supreme peeked through time and saw the only way that the heroes can win against Thanos, he appeared less agitated about their predicament - most likely setting things in motion so that the fight can ultimately end with Thanos' defeat. Even when in horrifyingly disintegrated into dust, he looked prepared - as if he was anticipating the deadly snap to happen.

Should Avengers 4's title really be "End Game," it will be interesting to see how Feige decides to deal with this leak given that he's just recently stated that the movie's title wouldn't probably be revealed until the end of the year, when the marketing push begins. He's already admitted that withholding the title has backfired for them, given how big a deal has been made of it by fans.  Perhaps it would be best for Marvel to come out and officially announce the title instead of maintaining this silence.

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Source: Trent Opaloch (via Omega Underground)

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