Kevin Feige Says Avengers 4 Is Not Titled Infinity Gauntlet

Despite rumors to the contrary, Kevin Feige says the title for Avengers 4 will not be Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet. When Marvel announced back in 2014 that Avengers 3 and 4 would be titled Avengers: Infinity War - Part 1 & 2, comic fans knew just what was in store for them. While Thanos and the Infinity Stones had barely been teased at that point, the subtitle of the films pointed towards an arc in the comics that saw the Mad Titan wipe out half of the universe before various heroes and villains had to unite to stop him. But the real start of that story was The Infinity Gauntlet.

The MCU Thanos is different from the comics in his motivations, but Avengers: Infinity War still brings a number of moments from the page to the big screen. But while the more cinematic sounding Infinity War was chosen for the movie's subtitle, Infinity Gauntlet is the comic that sees Thanos gain the Stones and unleash chaos. Naturally, fans have speculated this latter title could be used for Avengers 4, but now we have confirmation that will not be the case.

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Collider spoke with Feige about the future of the MCU, and specifically asked if Avengers 4 would be called Infinity Gauntlet. Feige quickly dismissed the notion, stating "That is definitely not what it is called," before opening up a bit more about the big mystery:

"Definitely not called that. When we announce the title I am not sure, but as I’ve probably said to you, it’s gotten completely blown out of proportion. It will just be a name and the reason to hold it back was to keep the attention on Infinity War. That backfired a little bit because now everyone thinks what’s the name of the next one gonna be? But it was really just to keep the focus [on Infinity War]. We did not want to call it Part One and Part Two. Although it will be quite evident that the films obviously connect, as all our films do, but this in particular connects very directly. And then we changed the Part One and Part Two, we said let’s just keep this Infinity War and we’ll talk about the next movie later. We had done things in the past that had taken attention off of whatever the film at hand is because we talked about this. For instance, Infinity War announcing before Ultron came out, and it worked out, it was fine, but it felt like let’s keep the attention on the film at hand."

For a hot second last year, Zoe Saldana appeared to confirm that Avengers 4 is called Infinity Gauntlet, before it was clarified that she had simply misspoken. Feige has now definitively stated that this will not be the title of the fourth Avengers movie. He even doubled-down on the idea when Collider asked him what his favorite inaccurate MCU fan theory is:

"My favorite wrong theory about Avengers 4 is that it will be called Infinity Gauntlet."

All things considered, this makes sense. Infinity Gauntlet is a bit repetitive and would probably be confusing for the film's marketing purposes. The actual subtitle probably won't be anything too dramatic either, as that would explain why Feige thinks keeping it under wraps has back-fired on Marvel. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo have said the Avengers 4 title "speaks to the heart of the story", so it should at least be connected to Thanos in some way or another.

It may not be much longer until we find out the title of Avengers 4, though it probably won't happen until Infinity War has been out for awhile and spoilers are less of a concern. As for what comes after Avengers 4Marvel won't reveal its Phase 4 film titles until after the fourth Avengers movie hits theaters a year from now. Thankfully, everyone will learn what Avengers 4 is called well before then.

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Source: Collider

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