Eternity War: The Best Avengers 4 Title Contender

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Avengers: Eternity War Is Close To Avengers: Forever

Although the title of Avengers 4 is being kept tightly under wraps, Feige and the Russos have offered up a couple of key clues as to what it could be. The most useful hint came in May, when the Russos said that no one had yet guessed the title correctly, but that the closest guess they'd seen was Avengers: Forever. "Forever" and "Eternity" are definitely close, and not only does the title fit with that clue, it also fits with the other major hint we've had about Avengers 4's title.

'Eternity War' Wasn't Said In Avengers: Infinity War

At one point the most popular guess for Avengers 4's title was Avengers: End Game, based on Doctor Strange pointedly uttering the line "we're in the end game now." However, Joe Russo threw water on this guess when, after being asked if the title of Avengers 4 is ever spoken aloud in Infinity War, replying with a firm "No." Eternity War is a pretty specific combination of words that is never said in Infinity War, which means it fits with the second major clue we have about Avengers 4's title.

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Eternity War Could Bring Eternity To The MCU

Thanos fights Eternity

Avengers: Infinity War didn't follow the plot of the Infinity Gauntlet comic arc exactly, but it did draw on plenty of elements from it. In Issue #5 of The Infinity Gauntlet, some of the most powerful cosmic entities in the universe unite in an effort to stop Thanos' rampage - including Galactus, Mephisto, Mistress Love and Sire Hate. When Thanos successfully defeats this alliance, he is confronted by Eternity itself: an entity as old as time itself because, well, Eternity is time itself. Eternity is an abstract entity that represents the passage of time, and has almost infinite power to manipulate the universe. In the comics, Thanos is made so powerful by the Infinity Gauntlet that he is able to defeat even Eternity, but Avengers 4 could introduce Eternity and have it be the key to the Avengers' efforts to undo "the snap" and stop Thanos once and for all. That would certainly be a strong way to expand the boundaries of the MCU and pave the way for The Eternals.


We expect an official reveal of Avengers 4's title soon, since Feige said over the summer that the reveal would probably come after the first Captain Marvel teaser - which was recently released. Until then, we're betting on Eternity War as the most likely subtitle.

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