All The Evidence Avengers 4's Title Is Annihilation

Annihilation is Close (Sort Of) To Avengers: Forever

While most of the official title discussion for Avengers 4 has been focused on what it won't, there has been some positive confirmation. One of the most popular titles straight after Infinity War was Avengers: Forever (due to its time travel plot and "4ever" styling), and while the Russos shot it down, they said that - at the time - it was the closest anybody had gotten.

"Annihilation" isn't exactly a synonym for "Forever", but it is a similarly grandiose term of near infinite scale, so fits better than most of the other options.

Avengers: Annihilation Would Be Named After A Comic

One thing most Marvel Studios movie titles have in common is that they're based on a comic book: The Winter SoldierAge of UltronCivil War, Ragnarok, and even Infinity War were all major comic events before they became blockbuster films. This tradition persists despite most of these having very little in common with the stories on which they're based - Captain America: Civil War saw Iron Man and Cap fight, but most of the surrounding narrative was changed, while Avengers: Infinity War itself was a mix of several stories and original ideas.

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So, while Marvel movies are slowly moving further and further away from their comic source, they still tend to nod in that direction with their titles. As already established, Annihilation was a comic arc from the 2000s, so while we may not be seeing Annihilus in the MCU (yet), the precedent is there for his big event t0 be used.


A Second Rumor Suggests Avengers: Annihilation

Thor and Rocket in Quantum Suits and Thanos in Avengers 4

The most recent evidence is a rumor from the Russian social media site It showed apparent concept art of Iron Man using his proton cannon, and alleged that the first trailer for Avengers: Annihilation would be released in November, scored by a new rendition of Twelve Titans Music's song "Dust and Light" (which was used in The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies trailer).

This makes sense - the November trailer drop is in line with Marvel's normal marketing approach - but it's unclear exactly what information was presented to the trailer group who posted this leak. They could easily have just been told when the trailer would drop, and added all the hashtags related to the film; that would have included #Annihilation.


By now, there's a lot of circumstantial evidence backing the suggestion that Avengers 4's title is Annihilation. However, while that prospective title has definitely become the front-runner, it's yet to be officially confirmed - and a lot of the evidence is very much open to interpretation. All that means the Annihilation title is still firmly in the rumor category. What we can say with some certainty, though, is that the truth will come out soon, most probably with the Avengers 4 trailer drop at the end of the month.

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