Avengers: Endgame Comic Debunks Infinity War Theory

The prelude comic for Avengers: Endgame has officially shot down one Infinity War fan theory, starring Marvel's potential Iron Woman.

The first trailer for Avengers: Endgame didn't reveal much about the fate of Iron Man, or how Tony Stark will "genius" his way out of outer space. But thanks to Marvel's Avengers: Endgame Prelude comic, one persistent Infinity War fan theory can finally be debunked.

Before any MCU fans start to get worried that their favorite reading of Doctor Strange's original "endgame" quote has been refuted, fear not: it's still completely valid to spin theories on the Time Stone as the undoing of Thanos. No, it's the fan theory that Pepper Potts revealed her own mission to save Tony that can officially be killed. Even if it was one of the more intriguing, and sly theories to come out of Infinity War... seeing the evidence in comic book form has revealed the truth.

The Theory: Iron Man's Last Call

For those who may not have been following the spinning of Avengers: Infinity War theories after the movie and, in all likelihood, on message boards to this day, this theory begins with Tony Stark and Pepper Potts having put the turbulence of the past behind them. Happily engaged and even thinking about future children - whether they're real or mentioned in a dream - the two have their sense of domesticity shattered when Doctor Strange and Bruce Banner come calling. Leaving Tony no choice but to leave Pepper, once again, behind.

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In what may actually be a span of minutes, Tony is given an explanation of where Marvel's Infinity Stones come from, and a basic outline of Thanos' main (and stupid) mission to balance the universe. The lessons are disrupted when the Children of Thanos arrive to fight them, kidnap Doctor Strange, and draw both Iron Man and Spider-Man onto their fleeing spaceship. At which point Tony has only seconds to say what he believes may be his final goodbye to his would-be wife.

The brief exchange between Tony and Pepper is eerily reminiscent of his attempt to contact her as he left Earth in The Avengers. In that event, Pepper's phone went to voicemail before signal was lost. This time, the pair actually get to say their goodbyes. Pepper, angry to learn that Tony has latched himself to an unknown enemy's spaceship, and Tony... well, not getting to say much before Pepper's voice cuts out. That is, unless you're a believer in the theory that says Pepper managed to deliver one last message between the garbled static of the fading signal. A message that can only be interpreted one way: "I'm going too."

Since the movie hit theaters, that reading and theory has surfaced, and re-surfaced again and again on Twitter, Reddit, and anywhere else Marvel fans congregate. And with rumors that Pepper would wear her own RESCUE Armor in the next Avengers movie, her promise to follow Tony holds more weight than you might think. At least, it did. But now that Marvel has released a comic version of the scene, the time has come to put this theory definitively to bed.

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