Avengers 4 Fan Theory: Doctor Strange Orchestrates Captain Marvel's Arrival

A new theory hypothesizes Doctor Strange's involvement in Captain Marvel's return in Avengers 4. Brie Larson's superhero alter ego hasn't officially debuted yet, but big things are already being set up for her character in the next Avengers movie. Not much is known about her involvement in the story, but fans can expect Carol Danvers to appear alongside Thanos at one point, just as Josh Brolin previously teased.

While Avengers: Infinity War's ending left the universe in a dire situation, the tease of Captain Marvel's arrival in the post-credit scene is deemed a shining light at the end of the tunnel. Marvel Studios' president Kevin Feige has said that Danvers is quite possibly going to be the most powerful hero to be introduced in the MCU and, with Thanos equipped with the complete set of Infinity Stones (albeit a toasted Gauntlet), she might be the key to defeating the Mad Titan and restoring order in the galaxy. However, if this new theory comes to fruition, it seems like Doctor Strange should also get some credit for saving the universe.

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Coming from Reddit user WamsyTheOneAndOnly is an interesting theory suggesting that Doctor Strange may have something to do with Captain Marvel's re-entry after Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War. Banking on the fact that Fury seems to at least have an idea of what was happening after Maria Hill turned into dust, the fan postulates that Fury may already have been forewarned that this is going to happen, thus he knew exactly what to do: send a distress signal to Carol Danvers.

Doctor strange knows what happens in the future, he sets it up in fact. He knew that Thanos had to snap his fingers at that exact right time and under all these certain conditions for them to win. He's setting up Captain Marvel's return to Earth. I believe he'll appear in the CM movie and tell Fury it is vital for him to carry around with him the pager to contact Captain Marvel. Nick Fury, knowing about Steven Strange lists him as an ally to shield which of course is how Hydra knows about him despite him being a neurosurgeon (anyone who is an ally of SHIELD is a threat to HYDRA). He warns him of an event in the future refering to the people turning to dust without warning, this is why Fury's instant reaction to seeing Maria Hill turn to ash was to run to the pager, but what our good friend Sorcerer Supreme didn't mention was the fact that he does not survive hence the "Mother Fu..." at the very end. We should also take note that the way he says it isn't paniced or scared, he's confident that Strange knows what he's doing.

Considering the Sorcerer Supreme's ability, the aforementioned theory is not outside the realm of possibility. Since he peeked into the future, he suspiciously started to act less agitated (compare to how he initially was in the film) as if he's secretly up to something. The plot twist is also a great way to tie everything together considering that, up until this point, Doctor Strange has mostly operated independently, silently observing from the sidelines. Linking him to the Captain Marvel film in some way establishes his existence in the franchise which could be an effective build-up if he's to become one of the premier heroes of the MCU moving forward.

That said, the theory is not without loopholes. For instance, Feige has previously shared that Agent Sitwell's mention of Strange wasn't indicative that he actually knew of the renowned neurosurgeon's future as a sorcerer. If anything, he's on the list because he has a brilliant mind and is well-c0nnected; if he wanted to tear S.H.I.E.L.D./HYDRA down, he probably could figure out a way to do that.

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Source: WamsyTheOneAndOnly/Reddit

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