Josh Brolin Announces Return For Avengers 4 Filming

Josh Brolin is heading back for more Thanos, with the actor saying he's set to begin filming Avengers 4. Next year will be a big one for Brolin, who will not only reprise his role as Thanos in Marvel Studios/Disney's Avengers: Infinity War but star alongside Ryan Reynolds in 20th Century Fox's Deadpool 2 as Nathan Summers/Cable. The former recently wrapped its own filming, while the latter just got started in late June.

Brolin recently showed off the physique he's worked to achieve in order to bring Cable to life on the big screen, but that won't matter much when he's covered in CGI as Thanos in Infinity War. After his last appearance in the mid-credits scene of the first Avengers: Age of Ultron sequel, Brolin remains as passionate as ever about his role as the Avengers' ultimate foe. And, although that Infinity War has wrapped altogether, Brolin has revealed to fans that he's about to go right back and start his work on sequel No. 2.

As he announced on his Instagram page in the early hours of Sunday, Brolin is "going back for more more MORE!" as he begins filming his scenes as Thanos for Avengers 4, which still doesn't have an official title. "I want it all," Brolin added in his caption to the photo, which depicts Thanos in a recently released Infinity War D23 poster.

Going back for more more MORE! I want it all. #mcu #marvel @marvelstudios @disney @prevailactivewear

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Based on the timeline of co-director Joe Russo's recent comments, Avengers 4 will actually begin shooting a little over a week from now, meaning there will be less than a month between the end of filming for Infinity War and the start of Avengers 4. New reports say the sequel will be filming some scenes in Tokyo in the near future, but it's unclear where Brolin will be getting started with his scenes.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been building to this moment for quite some time, with every major character you've seen in MCU movies so far set to unite for a high-stakes battle against Thanos and his universe-altering superpowers. The success of the back-to-back sequels will hinge greatly on Brolin's performance as Thanos, but there's little reason to doubt that he can deliver on the promise of his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy with the bigger role.

Even if Brolin doesn't deliver a memorable-enough villain with Thanos, he is going to be surrounded by a massive ensemble cast of characters that has already proven engaging and successful for the franchise. Both Infinity War and Avengers 4 are running the risk of overstuffing themselves with those characters, but the Russo brothers' track record suggests that they will overcome those difficulties.

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