Mark Ruffalo Begs Tonight Show to Cut Avengers 4 Spoiler

Mark Ruffalo and Avengers Infinity War

Update: Mark Ruffalo Trolls MCU Fans With Bleeped Avengers 4 Title

Mark Ruffalo may have spoiled something about Avengers 4 and is "begging" Jimmy Fallon to not reveal it on The Tonight Show. As the Marvel Cinematic Universe has continued to expand, it's become more and more difficult for Marvel Studios to keep a lid on spoilers. MCU actors Mark Ruffalo and Tom Holland have even become infamous for revealing far too much about Marvel's films ahead of time - something the studio poked fun at, when it had Holland (intentionally) unveil the title for Spider-Man: Far From Home earlier this year.

Ruffalo, on the other hand, has been more difficult to control. He infamously live-streamed the first several minutes of Thor: Ragnarok after forgetting to stop the recording on his phone. Not only that, he actually spoiled the ending of Avengers: Infinity War months ahead of time (though no one believed him). Now, he may have spoiled something else and is hoping someone can fix it.

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The actor is set to be a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight and it appears he said something he shouldn't have. He tweeted directly to Fallon's account asking for the spoiler to be removed so he doesn't get in trouble with Marvel again. What he said instead is "off the record" and hopes it will not make the broadcast tonight. Fallon has yet to respond to Ruffalo's request, but is this a legit cry for help... or a promotional stunt? Update: The Russo Brothers chimed in on Twitter and apparently "fired" Ruffalo.

The most popular theory for what "slip up" Ruffalo could've had on Fallon's show is the title of Avengers 4 itself. A recent rumor claimed the title is Avengers: Annihilation, and if that is true, Ruffalo could've seen this rumor, believed it to be an official announcement, and said the title on air - only to learn he shouldn't have done it. Of course, larger spoilers are not out of Ruffalo's wheelhouse, so he could've even revealed how certain dead superheroes will return or the ultimate ending of the movie.

However, there is also the extreme likelihood that this is a promotional gag. On The Tonight Show's official website, they list Ruffalo as a guest with Student Organizers from March of Our Lives. They just launched a My First Time viral video that Ruffalo brought MCU stars like Chris Evans and Chadwick Boseman in on to share their first time voting experience. Ruffalo is very vocal about his political standings and is extremely focused on getting the younger generation to vote in upcoming elections. Him teasing an Avengers 4 reveal possibly coming with the new episode of Fallon's show immediately spikes interest in the episode and will get more people to see this March of Our Lives campaign, who may not have otherwise. That would be a smart move on Ruffalo's part to use the hunger for Avengers 4 intel to drive attention towards a cause he cares about.

After all, Ruffalo is a big enough star and Marvel's a powerful enough company where they could remove any true Ruffalo spoiler without bringing attention to it publicly. So, why would Ruffalo take to Twitter of all places to beg his slip up be removed? It just doesn't add up. Those eager for more information on Avengers 4 may ultimately be disappointed if they tune in to the show tonight and don't get anything. But who knows, maybe Ruffalo will indeed drop a Marvel surprise to go along with his message.

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