Rumor Patrol: Skrulls Will Appear In Avengers 4

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Avengers 4 may finally reveal where Hawkeye has been, while also introducing the Skrulls to the MCU. Avengers: Infinity War is breaking records left and right at the box office, barreling towards $2 billion. Avengers 4, meanwhile, is said to be an even bigger film and could offer Marvel and Disney and even larger return on investment. But, regardless of how it does financially, it will have a massive impact on the MCU as a whole - and one key part of that change involves the Skrulls.

With Marvel looking to expand their cosmic universe in Phase 4, the Guardians of the Galaxy series will become a launching point for new characters and franchises. Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 will likely do the same as well, since those are just on the horizon. For its part, Captain Marvel will be a game-changer in terms of the shared universe if a new rumor is to be believed. And a huge part of that possibly pertains to the Kree-Skrull War that will debut in the '90s-set film.

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A new rumor from MCU Cosmic (via That Hashtag Show) claims a source has revealed the Skrulls will be a part of Avengers 4. With the race of shape-shifting aliens appearing in Captain Marvel just two months before next year's team-up film, it wouldn't exactly be shocking to see the Skrulls. In fact, that could be what gets Captain Marvel involved. MCU Cosmic hints as much, stating the post-credits scene in Avengers 3 involves Nick Fury once again detecting the aliens and seeking out Carol Danvers' help. What's more, Hawkeye's mysterious plot could be a factor.

Hawkeye had his own mission in Avengers 3, but that turned out to be a smokescreen. Instead, everything that's been revealed about Clint Barton, so far, will likely come together in Avengers 4. With a number of characters gone, the original Avengers will get the spotlight—likely meaning some of their days are numbered. Hawkeye, in his new Ronin guise, meanwhile, is said to be hunting down Skrulls in Japan who are posing as the Yakuza.

None of this is a stretch, though it certainly adds a whole new dimension to Avengers 4. Considering how busy the film is already likely to be, adding the Skrulls could be difficult. But with the news of Captain Marvel's impact on the MCU, not to mention the absence of Hawkeye in Avengers 3, a theory involving the Skrulls in Avengers 4 isn't hard to believe. The Yakuza mention also ties into early set photos of Black Widow in Avengers 4, where the Japanese mafia is said to play a role. Seeing Black Widow and Hawkeye once again team-up certainly makes sense, so perhaps there's something to the Avengers 4 rumor.

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Source: MCU Cosmic (via That Hashtag Show)

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