Avengers 4 Set Photos Spotlight Tony's Arc Reactor & Pepper's Ring

Some brand new photos from Avengers 4, which doesn't have a title yet, show off Tony Stark's new chest reactor and a ring on Pepper Potts' finger. The Russo Brothers confirmed back in July that they had finished filming Avengers: Infinity War, which pits Thanos up against Earth's Mightiest Heroes. At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Marvel showed the Hall H crowd the first Infinity War footage - footage that yet to be (officially) released online. Next up, however, is production on Avengers 4, which has now begun in full.

During Avengers:Infinity War, Thanos makes himself known as a threat to the universe - and the Avengers have to fight alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy in an attempt to stop him. Assuming that he succeeds in assembling the Infinity Gauntlet in the film, he's only going to become more dangerous. The stakes will thus be even higher in Avengers 4 than in Infinity War and their battle will take the Avengers across the globe - as has been confirmed now by Avengers 4 set photos that tease Black Widow taking a trip to Japan in the film (among other things).

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Based on the latest Avengers 4 set photos (see below), it looks like Tony will be building some heavier technology to combat Thanos and other cosmic threats. The new look of the arc reactor on his chest could mean that he's turning himself into a weapon to power an enhanced set of armor during his fights. Not only that, but Pepper is sporting a ring on her finger as the two share an intimate moment. Could the events of Infinity War and it's sequel lead the two to tie the knot? Or is this all a cruel trick pulled by Thanos, after he gains use of the Mind Gem?

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Tony and Pepper's relationship has been a difficult one from the start. During her absence from the MCU, the relationship between the two was brought up regularly by fans. It was something addressed when it was revealed they were on a break during Captain America: Civil War. Following Pepper's brief appearance at the end of Spider-Man: Homecoming, it seemed like the pair had reconciled. With the threat of Thanos on the horizon, and even the potential deaths of his friends, Pepper's ring could mean that Tony popped the question as their relationship evolved. Pepper won't be the only returning character from Tony's life though; Happy Hogan will make an appearance too.

The future of the MCU is looking huge, and it's going to drastically change as Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 will bring a whole new age for the MCU. Kevin Feige has discussed how pivotal Avengers 4 will be for the universe, mentioning that Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 starts right after Avengers 4 ends. So we'll see how the conclusion affects our friendly neighborhood web-slinger and the many other superheroes of the MCU. What's clear for now, though, is that if Tony is building enhanced technology and putting in the effort with Pepper, he must be terrified of the latest threat facing Earth.

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