Avengers 4 Should Keep One Character Dead

Why Scarlet Witch's Death Should Be Real

Shortly after her villainous stint at the beginning of Age of Ultron, Wanda officially became an Avenger under the tutelage of Cap and Black Widow. Unfortunately, the mishap in Lagos that kicked-off the events of Captain America: Civil War halted her road to becoming a hero. Since then, she's been tagged as a criminal alongside the rest of Team Cap. And while some of their team members like Scott Lang/Ant-Man and Clint Barton/Hawkeye opted to strike a house arrest deal with the government, the others have been operating underground while the government treats them as fugitives.

Though Scarlet Witch is one of the most powerful Marvel heroes, we haven't really seen that on screen during in her years in the MCU. Joss Whedon may have touched on some of the more interesting aspects of her superhero skills like mind manipulation, but after Age of Ultron fans barely saw her use any of her capabilities other than generating energy blasts and flying. Sure, it gets mentioned from time-to-time - Okoye even said something about it during the battle in Wakanda, and Wanda was able to destroy one of the Infinity Stones (quite a feat) - but for the most part she's been relegated to a support staff role.

In the comic books, Scarlet Witch has even cooler skills like warping realities and magic. While Marvel Studios might introduce those abilities down the line, it would need some build-up, since up to this point she has still been learning the basics of her powers. And since the MCU appears to be going more cosmic come Phase 4 with the introduction of Captain Marvel, as well as the development of The Eternals and possibly even Nova, the franchise simply may not have room to give Scarlet Witch's powers the development they deserve.

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There's Little Future Use For Scarlet Witch

Because of a rights overlap with 20th Century Fox, Marvel Studios has had to make some changes to Wanda's origins. Instead of being a mutant, her powers originate from experiments with the Mind Stone. So while she's supposed to be a mutant, daughter of Magneto and part of the X-Men in the comics, all of those elements of her character are missing in the MCU. Instead, Marvel Studios anchored her story to Vision as they developed a romantic relationship with each other  - which played a major part in Infinity War. However, that didn't seem to be enough for people to fully invest in her the way they do in her peers. Case in point: the Russos subtly ditched her Russian accent in Avengers 3 and fans didn't really mind (or maybe even noticed).

Wanda's new origin story doesn't just cancel out the possibility of connecting her to Professor X and his brood once they officially come over to Marvel Studios via the in-process Fox and Disney buyout - it also leaves her with a bleak future in the MCU. Considering her strong connection to the Infinity Stones, once Marvel Studios finally move on from the current saga, she won't have any potential narrative in the foreseeable future. Even Vision, who's also dependent on the Mind Stone, can be rebuilt, and function as a normal bot.

At this point, the only reason to resurrect Wanda is for the possible adaptation of House of MOlsen has previously expressed her desire to star in a spin-off mining inspiration from the quintessential Scarlet Witch comic book story. Released in 2005, the run features a delusional Wanda who loses control of her ability to alter reality. Following a nervous breakdown due to losing her and Vision's two children, she accidentally conceives an alternate reality where her family is royalty and mutants are under the reign of Magneto. It's a convoluted storyline that heavily involves Wanda's lineage, and considering that Marvel Studios has already retconned that, it would be quite difficult to adapt the story without trading off its narrative impact.

In an ideal world, Scarlet Witch would be one of the faces of the MCU moving forward. Her team-up with Black Widow and Okoye against Proxima Midnight showed as a glimpse of the potential for a team-up movie with all-female superheroes. But with the way Marvel Studios has set her character up, it just doesn't seem like there's more to be done with her story that will have a tremendous impact in the franchise. Couple that with the need to keep at least some characters dead from Thanos' snap to preserve its integrity, and it seems natural that Scarlet Witch should be one of the big deaths in Avengers 4.

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