Russo Brothers Open to Working With Marvel After Avengers 4

The Russo brothers would be open to a return to the MCU after they finish Avengers 4. The former Community directors may have seemed like odd choices to take on Captain America back in 2012, but the results showed the world what Marvel Studios saw in them. Their first Marvel movie, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, is constantly in the conversation for Marvel's best film. They then followed that up with Captain America: Civil War, and the results were largely the same. Now, the brothers have been tasked to complete Phase 3 in epic fashion.

Joe and Anthony Russo signed on to direct the next two Avengers films a few years ago. While Avengers 4 doesn't hit theaters till next year, they recently wrapped production, which put an end to a year straight of filming. They must now shift their focus back to Avengers: Infinity War to get it ready for its May release. They still have a lot of time ahead of them to complete both films, and after four straight movies taking up seven years of their lives, it would be understandable for them to move on. But, they aren't discounting another return.

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The brothers recently were guests on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast to talk about their return to Slamdance. The interview could not end without talking about their MCU careers, and where things could go. When asked if Avengers 4 is going to be the end for them or if they would return, Anthony stressed they haven't had any conversations about helming future films, but acknowledged it is an idea they are open to.

Our relationship with Marvel has been one of the strongest creative relationships we've had in our careers. We're really proud of the movies that we've been able to make with them and we've had an amazing time doing it. We haven't talked about doing anything beyond these movies simply because we still have a mountain to climb with these two films. The one thing we've always really admired about Kevin Feige and Marvel is they have a very, even though they're building an interconnected narrative through many, many films over many years, they have a very disciplined one movie at a time attitude, as well, which I think is very very helpful to the creative process of fashioning the individual film. So we're basically really focused on what we're doing now, but we would certainly be open to working with them.

Anthony Joe Russo Captain America

This response is sure to be one welcomed by fans of their work. As long as Infinity War and Avengers 4 deliver, it would be a no-brainer for both sides to want this relationship to continue. There is still no end in sight for the MCU, so it isn't like there are a limited amount of options for them to take. While they may have previously thought they had done everything they wanted, the looming possibility of helping shepherd in the X-Men and Fantastic Four could be too big an opportunity for them to pass up.

As understandable as it would be for this working relationship to extend beyond Avengers 4, it could also be best for both sides to move on. Maybe the Russos could take on some sort of overseer role and stay on as producers, akin to what James Gunn appears to be doing as he helps develop decades of MCU stories while still directing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. But, a clean break could also allow everyone involved to grow and bring attention to even more talent.

The Russos specifically have a newly launched production studio that is starting to get off the ground. While their names are attached a number of TV series, additional MCU films would only further delay them directing a film under their banner. Not only could the separation lead to the Russos spreading their wings in terms of the genre films they direct, but it would also allow for new voices to tell Marvel's biggest stories. Their return is likely somewhat contingent on the next two Avengers being home runs, so we'll just have to wait and see if Avengers 4 is it for them.

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Source: Happy Sad Confused Podcast

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