Avengers 4: Captain America, Ant-Man & Black Widow Unite For Reshoots

The first set photos from Avengers 4 reshoots reunite Captain America, Black Widow, and Ant-Man. There's plenty of uncertainty when it comes to how Marvel Studios plans to follow up Avengers: Infinity War. Only a handful of heroes are still alive, but the ones that are include the original Avengers plus a few extras. One of them that may prove to be incredibly important is Paul Rudd's Ant-Man, due to his knowledge and experience with the Quantum Realm, which is at the center of most time-travel theories. However, almost everything about Avengers 4 is just a theory right now.

Marvel's not saying a word about the film, with even the official title still being kept a secret. Marketing isn't slated to begin until the end of the year too, which gives the team time to see how reshoots turn out first. The reshoots now look to be underway and they've brought together three members from Team Cap.

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Just Jared shared a handful of photos that offer the first look at Avengers 4's reshoots. The images show Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, and Rudd all reporting to set to begin filming their additional scenes. All three are shown in civilian clothing instead of their superhero suits. Check out the photos for yourself by clicking the link below before we discuss what they could mean.


The first question that must be raised is when this scene takes place in Avengers 4. To answer that, we must first point out that Scott Lang's inclusion in the scene means he's been rescued from the Quantum Realm, where he was trapped at the end of Ant-Man and the Wasp. With that in mind, it may not be that early on in the film, unless this is Steve and Natasha meeting with Scott to catch him up on everything that has happened since he's been gone. Cap is noticeably clean-shaven and Natasha has returned to her regular red hair look.

The context of this scene doesn't shed much light on the situation unfortunately. The three heroes are meeting at a restaurant, but Just Jared says Cap is greeted by in-world fans for the scene, one of which is played by co-director Anthony Russo. Even in a post-Infinity War world, Cap and his fellow Avengers still surely have some fans. But, when they do wind up saving the day, they'd absolutely be thanked endlessly for reversing the snap. Could this actually be part of a heart-warming finale for Avengers 4, where the Avengers catch up with one another and are praised for their service? None of them have any noticeable scratches or bruises, so their superhero days could be behind them.

Something that may nix that idea, though, is the presence of one random person in a motion capture suit. These suits are traditionally used for various alien threats, so is a Chitauri, Outrider, or even a Skrull lurking about that will spring these heroes into action? Or, could Earth even be the home to several alien races now after the snap and what the Avengers were able to accomplish in the end? It is certainly up for debate at this point. With Avengers 4's reshoots only just beginning, more set photos could leak that may help make this scene more clear.

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Source: Just Jared

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