Avengers 4 Reshoots: Chris Evans Reveals Return to Classic Captain America Look

Chris Evans has taken to social media to confirm that Captain America is returning to his classic look for next year's Avengers 4.

The marketing push for Captain Marvel may be only just beginning, but superhero fans remain laser-focused on next year's Avengers sequel. The film will bring an end to the Infinity Stones storyline, and it's expected to be the swan song of a number of key actors. Marvel is currently conducting additional photography in Atlanta, and several important stars have been confirmed as being on set.

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One of the actors expected to depart is Chris Evans, who has previously described these reshoots as the last time he'll play Captain America. Now, Evans has taken to Twitter to confirm that, dubbing Avengers 4 his "senior year" in the MCU. He also included a photo, revealing that Steve Rogers has changed his look considerably from the longer-haired, bearded appearance he sported in Avengers: Infinity War.

In Infinity War, Steve Rogers sported a disheveled, scruffier look; this was because he and his Secret Avengers team had been on the run for the last year. In June, though, promotional art for Avengers 4 leaked that showed Rogers' return to the Captain America identity. The aftermath of the "snap" had clearly brought an end to the superhero Civil War, with Rogers and Stark once again uniting to either undo or avert Thanos's genocidal actions. Fans were initially unsure whether or not this art was genuine, but it was used by Marvel at CineEurope 2018 a few weeks later. Curiously, while the promotional image showed all the other Avengers in costume and wielding trademark weapons, Captain America was still without his shield. The costume depicted has straps for it, but the shield definitely wasn't on his back.

Evans's photo shows the smart, clean-cut appearance that's traditionally associated with Captain America, and further confirms that this is the look we can expect him to have in Avengers 4. There's a certain irony in his going back to a classic look for the film; according to the Russo brothers, his two years on the run - and presumably the horrors of the "snap" - have given Steve Rogers something of a "harder edge." It's strange to imagine a traditionally-attired Captain America with that kind of attitude and style, but it should indicate just what the world has gone through in the aftermath of Avengers: Infinity War. Audiences are already being treated to occasional set photos from the reshoots, while a casting call has teased that Spider-Man may head to Wakanda after his (inevitable) resurrection. Hopefully this tweet means viewers can expect more teasers from the film's stars.

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Source: Chris Evans

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