Infinity War's Red Skull Actor Won't Confirm Avengers 4 Return

Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War

Ross Marquand (who took over the role from Hugo Weaving) won't confirm or deny if he's back as Red Skull in Avengers 4. Formerly known as Johann Schmidt, the character debuted as Steve Rogers' first antagonist in Captain America: The First Avenger. He eventually transformed to the Red Skull after using an imperfect replica of the Super Soldier Serum and is known as the first one in the currently MCU canon to pursue an Infinity Stone via the Tesseract/Space Stone.

His greed, sadly, forced him to become the gatekeeper in Vormir, banishing him to the remote planet. It wasn't until Thanos and Gamora journeyed to the location of the Soul Stone in Avengers: Infinity War that fans learned what happened to him after his disappearance when he made contact with the Tesseract. Now that he's back, many are wondering if he's going to be a part of Avengers 4 again given his knowledge of the Infinity Stones, but Marquand maintains he doesn't know anything about the Red Skull's potential return in the Phase 3-capper.

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On last night's episode of Talking Dead (via ComicBook), Marquand was asked whether or not his stint as Red Skull will continue in Avengers 4. And as expected, the actor didn't let anything slip - claiming that he doesn't have an idea."I don't know. I can't answer that question. I really don't know," he said. The topic wasn't mentioned again during the night, perhaps with the understanding that Marquand can't really say anything about his Marvel gig. With principal photography and reshoots officially wrapped up for the film, however, it's likely that he at least has an idea if he'll appear in the film, considering that he knows if there is still unused footage of him in the role.

That said, that also doesn't guarantee his return. Like what Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, said, while he confirmed to have filmed his bit for Avengers 4 last year, they really don't have an idea how it will be incorporated in the film or if it will be at all. It's ultimately at the hands of directors Joe and Anthony Russo whether or not they would stick to the narrative they followed at that time of the shooting.

Regardless, considering where things left off with the Red Skull, there's still so much to explore about him and his journey to claim the Infinity Stones for himself.  The Russos revealed back in August that since Thanos has already claimed the Soul Stone, Red Skull is free to not only leave Vormir but also "to pursue his desire for an Infinity Stone" which will make for an interesting and unexpected turn of events.

Even if he doesn't seek any of the elemental crystals again, the fact that he has the knowledge of everyone who has come to Vormir for the Soul Stone poses a narrative opportunity to bring him back, especially since he name-dropped A'lars - Thanos' father and the Eternals' mentor in the comics. Considering that Marvel Studios is actively working on The Eternals film, Red Skull could bridge the gap between what's going down in the twin Avengers sequels and the upcoming MCU prequel.

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Source: Talking Dead (via ComicBook)

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