Infinity War Superfan Gets Invited To Avengers 4 Premiere

The Avengers: Infinity War fan who has watched the superhero blockbuster 43 times and counting has been officially invited to the world red carpet premiere of Avengers 4 next year. Marvel Studios and even their stars have been sending fans to their high-profile red carpet events as a way to give back to their loyal following. However, this latest one is a bit different compared to previous instances where fans either have to partake in a charity event or a raffle draw to receive an invite.

A Marvel fan who goes by the name Nem: The Infinity Watcher on Twitter has shot into stardom when news broke out that he's watched the latest Marvel juggernaut more than 40 times - that's almost once a day since the film debuted late April and more than 100 hours spent in the cinema to watch one film. Some questioned his sanity for seeing a movie this many times, especially when there are other blockbusters such as Deadpool 2 and Solo: A Star Wars Story both coming out last month. Luckily, his relentless commitment to rewatching the movie didn't go unnoticed by the film's directors, Joe and Anthony Russo.

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Taking it to his official Twitter account, Nem announced the great news by posting a short clip and saying that the Russos reached out to him via the social media platform, and in the DMs, he was officially invited to the premiere of Avengers 4 next year. On top of that, IMAX also granted him 50 free tickets to see the film in case he wants to continue doing this. Check out the full clip below:

Again, Nem celebrated by watching Infinity War for the 44th and 45th time. He still didn't say if he had a target number of viewings, but he promised that he's not stopping anytime soon - and understandably so considering the free passes he just received from IMAX. It's curious though if IMAX offered him the choice to use the tickets to other films in case he's done rewatching Infinity War and wants to see other movies or the Marvel juggernaut is no longer in playing in theaters and he still has remaining stubs to use.

Regardless, it's safe to say that Nem's dedication to watch Avengers: Infinity War this many times has paid off. If Marvel Studios decides to do things the same way as they did with its predecessor for Avengers 4 (no full screening before the premiere), he'll be among the first to see how Earth's Mightiest Heroes' final bout with Thanos will go down. Of course, since Nem is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, it's safe to say that Marvel Studios will also pay for his travel expenses and accommodations in LA or wherever next year's big red carpet event will be at.

Source: Nem: The Infinity Watcher/Twitter

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