Avengers 4 Gets Dark Knight Rises Style Fan-Made Teaser Poster

In anticipation for the next Avengers movie, one fan has created a Dark Knight Rises inspired Avengers 4 poster. The Dark Knight Rises was of course the third film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy. The film featured Christian Bale as Batman as he went up against Bane, played by Tom Hardy. The film may have not gotten an Oscar nomination like the previous two films, but it is still considered an adequate conclusion to this version of Batman and had some interesting teaser posters.

Avengers 4 on the other hand, is the upcoming Marvel movie that will deal with the aftermath of Thanos' destruction. Not a lot of information for the film has been released, forcing fans to use their imagination on what could be in store for the new superhero flick. So far, fans have created a lot of impressive artwork in an attempt to illustrate the rumors that have been circulating about the film. One fan created an Avengers 4 teaser poster using popular characters and the rumored Annihilation title, while another has created a piece of Hawkeye reimagined as Ronin. One fan even went as far as creating an entire Avengers 4 teaser trailer, based on the rumored trailer description for Avengers 4. Now, another fan has created a new teaser poster in the style of The Dark Knight Rises. 

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Posting on the Marvel Studios Reddit page, the Reddit user named antovolk shared a fun fan-made poster that gives a shout-out to The Dark Knight Rises teaser poster. The poster creates the Avengers logo out of the destroyed buildings, just like The Dark Knight Rises poster did with the Bat symbol. As one person in the comments noted, the buildings would have to be severely damaged to create that shape, but with Thanos in control of the Infinity Stones, anything is possible.

With the anticipation for the upcoming Avengers movie, there has been an abundance of fan rumors to try and guess what the movie will be about. These rumors are often just as creative as fan artwork, such as the rumor that all of the dead heroes are actually in the Quantum Realm. Other theories have surfaced such as Thanos not being the villain and that time travel will be a huge part of the storyline for Avengers 4. 

With the film coming out in May 2019, and little official marketing materials being released so far, fans are understandably getting restless. The movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe easily become some of the most anticipated titles of each year, so fans often create artwork while they wait for the upcoming movies. When the teaser poster does drop for Avengers 4, it's very unlikely it will give a shout-out to another superhero movie like this fan-made poster, but it is still a fun mashup nonetheless.

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Source: antovolk

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