Marvel Studios Co-President Doesn't Understand that Avengers 4 Photo Either

Louis D'Esposito and Kevin Feige The Avengers

It turns out that Marvel Studios co-president Louis D'Esposito is as puzzled by the Avengers 4 photo posted by the Russo Brothers as fans are. After the two directors posted a cryptic black and white photo from the set of the movie - which some fans have suggested might reveal the official Avengers 4 title - he publicly stated that he doesn't understand what it means.

In anticipation for the fourth Avengers movie releasing next spring, Joe and Anthony Russo surprised their fans with a photo featuring Joe alone on the set of the movie, working on his laptop. They posted the photo onto their shared Twitter account with the caption, "Look hard." This prompted eagle-eyed fans to visually dissect the photo for any clues. Some believe that the directors were merely trolling fans, insinuating that certain fans may read too deeply between the lines, while others have discovered everything from objects that look like the letter "A" (referring to the official Avengers logo) to potential subtitle theories. As it so happens, one of Marvel Studios' own co-presidents is as unsure as everyone else, suggesting that the photo may be the product of lighthearted trolling after all.

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D'Esposito tweeted about the photo on his official account, saying, "I’m looking hard but cannot figure out what’s in the photo. And @Russo_Brothers won’t tell me." However, assuming the Russo Brothers are just toying with fans, D'Esposito may well be in on it, too. It's almost customary to surround a major tentpole movie like this with ambiguity, and D'Esposito chiming in might simply be another way to stir the pot.

Just a few months ago, the Russo Brothers trolled fans by posting a fan-made poster for Avengers 4 that replaced every character on the Avengers: Infinity War poster with Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye. So, they're certainly not above having some fun with fans amid all the endless speculation. This recent photo may be just another example of keeping audiences on their toes, even when there's not much (if anything at all) to latch onto.

As for D'Esposito, given that the higher ups of any studio would certainly be in the know on any decision made for a film, major or otherwise, it's very unlikely that whatever clues or information may be in the photo (if there are any at all) don't refer to something D'Esposito doesn't already know. However, that doesn't count out the fact that the Russo Brothers aren't still hiding something, whether it's the title or not.

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Source: Louis D'Esposito [via ComicBook]

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