Avengers 4 Directors Post Mysterious Photo Trolling Fans

UPDATE: Some fans think the photo may reveal Avengers 4's title!

The directors for Avengers 4 shared a mysterious photo that has sent Marvel fans into a searching frenzy. Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe can't wait to see what Marvel Studios has in store next. The first trailer for Captain Marvel promises the introduction to Carol Danvers, who is positioned to be a major player in Avengers 4 following the post-credits scene for Avengers: Infinity War. Outside of some Avengers 4 promo art, there's been nothing to come out to show Marvel's hand for what the Phase 3 capper is going to be.

They've been more secretive than ever with not even a title being announced to this point. This has only made fans more tightly wound, as any Marvel-related post is investigated to see if any clues can be gathered. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo aren't making it any easier though, as they've done their fair share of teasing.

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The Russo Brothers are back to teasing fans again, this time with a photo from Avengers 4, kind of. The photo is of Joe Russo on the set of Avengers 4 reshoots, but there's nothing immediately special or revealing. However, the Russos shared the image on their social media with the caption "Look hard" and instantly resulted in Marvel fans combing through every pixel of the photo trying to figure out what they could be teasing.

The tease itself gave hope immediately that this was the Russos and Marvel's way of announcing the title for Avengers 4. So far, no such revelation has been found. The most common part of the image being pointed out is the ladder positioned behind Joe, because it is shaped like an "A", just as all ladders are. Some are suggesting that this is one of several clues hidden in the image with different objects taking the place of letters. Others have pointed out that there are four "A"s in the image and that the objects make a 4 when the image is turned upside down. No one seems to have cracked the mystery yet - if there is anything to find.

Since the Russos aren't above blatant trolling, this could be another example of them messing with the emotions and expectations of fans just for the fun of it. Kevin Feige did say that Avengers 4 news wouldn't come until after Captain Marvel's trailer, but announcing the title right after would be pretty surprising. That won't stop fans from trying to discern any information possible, but whether or not this photo actually contains information regarding Avengers 4 remains to be seen. After all, the caption could just be referring to Joe looking hard at his laptop. If this is an elaborate way for the Russos and Marvel to announce the Avengers 4 title, then the search will continue.

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