Which Characters Will Be Killed off Permanently in Avengers 4?

The Comebacks

As sad as it was to see certain characters literally turn to dust at the end of Infinity War, there's no reason to worry. They'll be back. Especially given the fact that characters like Black Panther and Spider-Man already have multi-picture deals in their contracts, audiences should expect every character who lost their lives on account of Thanos' final blow to make a full recovery. As for other characters who perished in the heat of battle (like Gamora and Vision), don't write them off just yet.

Gamora isn't dead, she's trapped in the Soul World; and though Vision had his skull pulverized at the end of Infinity War in a literally soul-crushing moment, Shuri and Banner go out of their way to explain that Vision could still technically exist without the Soul Stone. So, even though it's not a guaranteed bet, Vision still has a shot at old-fashioned resurrection.

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These are two deaths that may have cut the deepest with audiences (again not counting Peter Parker's goodbye), so it'll be interesting to see how their comebacks play out. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo explained that Avengers 4 "doesn't do what you think," so as implausible as the return of certain characters may seem, there are certain elements and angles that audiences might have simply not even considered just yet.

As for one of the earliest deaths in the movie—Loki—don't count on a happy return. He will show up in Avengers 4 (either by way of traveling back in time, existing in an alternate timeline, or possibly even via Tony Stark's Binary Augmented Retro Framing [or BARF] technology), but the finality of his death is necessary. It represents a closed chapter in the franchise, and seeing as Avengers 4 serves as "finalefor the franchise, according to Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige, there's some devastating poetry to his demise. The big bad of the the third Avengers movie killing off the big bad of the first Avengers movie speaks to the narrative winding-down of the MCU's introductory era. The book is closing on Phase Three, so given that Loki played such a vital role in the MCU's formative years, sticking around would be the equivalent of prolonged life support.

Can Marvel Studios still technically wiggle their way around his death and bring him back? Given that Loki has mastered the art of illusion casting, yes. Feige plays his cards close to his chest, so, yes, it's possible. It just isn't likely.

Other Permanent Deaths in Avengers 4

Drax and Scarlet Witch

When it comes to who the MCU will permanently kill off in Avengers 4 (outside of the original crew), it's tough to predict. With so much set up for upcoming Phases in the franchise, it would almost be a waste to write off characters who were more or less just recently introduced. That said, though, what's a war without unwarranted losses?

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Right off the bat, it's fair to assume Thanos has a fairly slim chance of surviving the events of Avengers 4. While he may have been Infinity War's central character, the same probably can't be said for Avengers 4. Having already satisfied his objective, the ball will officially be in the Avengers' court, meaning the most sound outcome would be a traditional "heroes defeat villain" resolution.

Heimdall is also a done deal. Ever since his introduction in Thor, he's represented a kind of safety net. He was always the living, breathing deus ex machina, getting characters out of messes by literally removing them from the situation. Now, his loss represents something much bigger than the loss of a beloved character; that the heroes are officially cutoff from quick fixes and easy getaways.

As for all other Gauntlet-related deaths in Infinity War, they're safe bets entering into Avengers 4—though that doesn't guarantee a 100 percent chance at survival. As far as potential deaths go, it's best to consider who might be the most expendable. Elizabeth Olsen seems a bit conflicted as to whether or not she'd be willing to pursue a standalone movie for Scarlet Witch (she outright stated she's not interested, while also offering up ideas as to what storyline she'd like to follow if a standalone movie ever happened), while Dave Bautista hasn't publicly revealed the details of his contract (with Drax having such a personal vendetta against Thanos, his impulsivity, as highlighted in Infinity War, could potentially lead to fatal consequences). And as for other supporting players who could potentially vacate the MCU so as to make room for future characters (think Pepper Potts and Happy Hogan), there's currently no evidence suggesting whether they'd survive or not.

In the end, death isn't a particularly bad card to play with the Avengers. Ever since Civil War, the characters have been divided, and from there, their respective storylines have only managed to split them up even more. So, even though the mourning may sting, some significant hero deaths could potentially be the driving force to unite the surviving Avengers, thus giving them the advantage in the fight against Thanos.

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