No, Avengers 4 Is Not Titled Infinity Gauntlet

Marvel fans are buzzing about Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 right now, ahead of the film's theatrical release next week. Not only are things looking good, review-wise, for the highly anticipated sequel, but the press tour has also seen a few hints dropped about the future of the Guardians, which is always exciting.

Fans have learned that director James Gunn will be returning to write and direct Guardians 3, and that the third film will be 'the end' for this version of the team. Earlier this week, however, speculation was focused on a different MCU movie - Avengers 4 -- thanks to a possible slip up by Zoe Saldana that seemed to reveal the name of the upcoming film. Gunn has now shot down that possibility.

After the actress said "we all have to go back for ‘Gauntlet’ later this year," which led to speculation that the fourth Avengers would be titled 'Infinity Gauntlet' James Gunn spoke to Yahoo! Movies to categorically deny that this is the title of the upcoming film. Instead, he said that the actress probably just misspoke.

"It’s not the title. My guess is that Zoe just misspoke. I’ll talk to Zoe today, but I would imagine that is just Zoe misspeaking and saying ‘Infinity Gauntlet’ instead of ‘Infinity War’."

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It's possible that Gunn is correct, and that Saldana mixed up Infinity War and Infinity Gauntlet, especially as the storyline for the Infinity War film will revolve around the Gauntlet, and is taking at least some inspiration from the comic series titled 'Infinity Gauntlet'. At the height of the promotion for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, when the cast is constantly doing interviews and appearances, it's certainly possible that Saldana was simply exhausted and mixed up the words.

However, it is also very possible that Gunn is attempting to stop speculation and cover for Saldana's slip up, and that Gauntlet is the name of the fourth film. This wouldn't be the first time that someone involved in a massive extended universe has covered up a potential spoiler before they are allowed to reveal it.

Another possibility is that 'Gauntlet' is a working title or codename for the project, which would explain why Saldana used it, but also mean that it isn't the official title for the film. There's no way to know for sure until the official title for Avengers 4 is released, which could well happen at the Marvel presentation at SDCC this summer.

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Source: Yahoo! Movies UK

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