Avengers 4: 10 Crazy Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense (And 10 That Don’t)

This year’s Avengers: Infinity War marked itself as the cinematic event of the decade. The film not only brought together all sides of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from its Earthbound heroes to its cosmic counterparts, but also managed to exceed everyone’s expectations.

Fans who’ve been waiting for Iron Man and Star-Lord to meet got their wishes fulfilled, those who dreamt of Black Widow teaming up with Okoye weren’t left behind, and so on. Even the Thanos purists got exactly what they wanted when the Mad Titan snapped his fingers and changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever -- probably. Indeed, Avengers: Infinity War didn’t disappoint, and the happiest of all was Marvel Studios.

Marvel’s Infinity War easily managed to earn over $1 billion at the box office and it didn’t take long for the film to reach $2 billion, becoming one of only four films to ever reach that milestone. But before long, there will be another film up from Marvel Studios that will be aiming to join the blockbuster Hall of Fame. We are talking, of course, about Avengers 4.

Infinity War made fans extremely happy, but according to director Joe and Anthony Russo, Avengers 4 will be even more exhilarating. The film releases early in 2019 but fans have already begun speculation: formulating theories so intricate that some will your blow mind. Nevertheless, while some are truly fascinating, others tend to be a little to over the top.

Here are 10 Avengers 4 Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense (And 10 That Don’t).

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20 Makes Sense: Multiple characters will wield the Infinity Gauntlet

Avengers: Infinity War promised fans that Thanos would collect all six Infinity Stones and snap his fingers, as he did in the comics. Indeed, this occurred and fans weren’t disappointed. Thanos wasn’t the only character who fans wanted to see wield the Infinity Gauntlet, however.

With Infinity War’s ending, a new theory arose that multiple Avengers characters will don the Gauntlet, be it Iron Man, Captain America, or even Nebula.

In the comics, all three of these characters put on the shiny glove with all Infinity Stones intact, so, anything is possible. What's more, Cap, Iron Man and Nebula all survived Thanos’s snap, so it makes sense that one, if not all of them, will wield the Gauntlet.

19 Makes Sense: It's a time travel movie

The events of Avengers: Infinity War left half of our favorite heroes in ruins-- especially Tony Stark, who saw Spider-Man fade out of existence. Before those heroes’ demise, though, Doctor Strange told Tony that letting Thanos win was part of the end game.

At first that made little sense, but after the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp, this caused many fans to speculate that time travel would be involved in the fourth Avengers film.

One piece of dialogue in the Ant-Man sequel brought the theory to life: “time vortexes.”

This was the phrase that Janet van Dyne said when she was warning Scott Lang about the dangers of the Quantum Realm. Perhaps Scott and Tony will use these time vortexes to reverse Thanos’s snap.

18 Doesn't Make Sense: Thanos will travel back in time

Thanos Time Travels to Titan in Avengers Infinity War

Indeed, the concept of time travel has crept its way into almost every Avengers 4 fan theory. While some tend to make some sense, one that doesn’t quite hit the mark is that Thanos will travel to the past.

The theory originated out of another theory claiming that at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the Mad Titan teleported himself to a past version of his homeworld, Titan.

Given that Thanos sees himself as a rationalist, it would be out of character for him to delve in the past.

Especially after he succeeded in achieving his goal of ultimate destruction. Rather than taking a trip down memory lane, it’s more fitting for Thanos to enjoy his newfound accomplishment, in the present.

17 Doesn't Make Sense: The X-Men will cameo

As previously mentioned, thanks to the Disney/Fox deal, characters such as the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, and Deadpool could become part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

There’s still some time until Fox fully becomes a Disney company, so none of the aforementioned characters will be making an appearance in any upcoming MCU film.

This includes the X-Men, despite many theories making such claims.

It makes sense for Marvel Studios to tease one character coming from the Fox side of the Marvel Universe, as a deal akin to Ego the Living Planet could’ve been done in exchange for a character, but not for the X-Men. They are too big of a property and Marvel would likely give them a proper introduction rather than a mere end-credit inclusion in Avengers 4.

16 Makes Sense: Groot will regrow out of Thor’s Stormbreaker Weapon

One of the saddest moments in Avengers: Infinity War was when Groot turned into dust as Rocket watched in anguish. Even more sad was when Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn revealed that Groot’s last words were “dad.” Yet, even though Groot was one of the unlucky ones who fell to Thanos’s snap, there’s still a way for the former Guardian to come back.

Before Groot joined the battle in Wakanda, he created a handle for Thor’s Stormbreaker axe from one of his limbs.

Going by the events of the first Guardians movie, Groot could theoretically grow out of Thor’s new weapon. If so, the only remaining question is if Groot will now possess Thor-like abilities?

15 Doesn't Make Sense: Loki will reveal himself as Bruce Banner in disguise

A lot of audiences and fans were disappointed that Hulk didn’t get much to do in Avengers: Infinity War. He had a small moment of screen time during the beginning of the film. Here Thanos overpowered the Jade Giant and from there onward the Hulk failed to make a second appearance. Most fans attributed this to Hulk fearing Thanos after being defeated easily, but others pondered a different idea.

One theory that’s catching momentum is that Loki once again faked his own demise and masqueraded as Bruce Banner throughout the rest of Avengers: Infinity War.

It’s a fascinating theory, but given Loki’s story arc was completed after he fell to the might of Thanos, it just doesn’t make sense. “No resurrections this time,” said Thanos.

14 Makes Sense: Captain America or Iron Man will lose their life

Coming into Avengers: Infinity War many fans thought that they were going to see either Captain America or Iron Man perish. Fortunately, they were two heroes who did not bite the dust. But that just fueled the theory that one of them will lose their life in the upcoming Avengers 4.

Since both Cap and Iron Man are the original Avengers who jump-started the MCU, it makes sense that at least one of them will make the ultimate sacrifice to save the universe.

With a wedding on the horizon for Iron Man, it seems less tragic if Cap is going to be the one to give his life for humanity. That said, chances are equal for both Avengers.

13 Doesn't Make Sense: The Reality Stone will recast the Avengers

With 10 years on the Marvel Studios roster, it will be a sad goodbye when most of the original Avengers are released from their contracts. While in the comics characters seem to never age, things work a little differently in Hollywood.

Indeed, for obvious reasons, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, and the like won’t be playing their iconic characters forever. To avoid confusion once that day comes, fans have theorized that Marvel Studios will use the Reality Stone as a means to explain new casting choices.

While that’s definitely one way they could do it, it would probably leave audiences with more questions than answers. A mere recast without any oddly in-universe explanation would simply do the trick.

12 Makes Sense: It will explore alternate universes

Time travel was not the only theory thrown around concerning Avengers 4. If there’s any way to defeat Thanos that doesn’t involve altering time, it's definitely exploring alternate universes. Fans originated this theory after set photos of Avengers 4 showed the Avengers in their classic costumes from 2012 ensemble film.

Paul Rudd was also seen as an active member of the Battle of New York. With Ant-Man and the Wasp introducing the concept of Quantum energy in parallel realities, as was explored with the character of Ghost, then hopping through different universes in Avengers 4 doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea.

Especially since it’s been done countless times in the comics before.

11 Doesn't Make Sense: Captain Marvel is in the Quantum Realm

Despite her film not releasing until 2019, a few months before Avengers 4, fans have already theorized how Captain Marvel will be an integral part of that film.

Given that her film takes place in the 1990s, the theory goes that Captain Marvel will somehow find herself in the Quantum Realm, lost akin to Janet van Dyne. She will then find Ant-Man, who’s currently down in the Quantum Realm, and together they will find their way to the fight against Thanos.

Yet, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest that Captain Marvel will explore the Quantum Realm. It would be silly for Marvel to have not just two of their characters stuck in Quantum Realm, but three.

10 Makes Sense: A secret Fox/Marvel villain will appear

Not long ago Fox and Disney shareholders agreed to the massive $71 billion Disney/Fox merger that will give Disney a majority of 21st Century Fox’s assets, including its film studio and its properties. That means that by early-to-mid-2019, once the deal is approved in other countries, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four will come back home to Marvel.

While the merger is still in the works, fans have already theorized that Avengers 4 will feature a Fox Marvel character, who would introduce the X-Men or the Fantastic Four to the MCU.

Many think this character will appear during an end-credit scene, with the fan-favorite pick being Doctor Doom and Kang the Conqueror.

9 Doesn't Make Sense: Half the universe is stuck in a different dimension

Infinity Stones Avengers Age of Ultron

No one was expecting so many superheroes to perish by the end of Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos collected all six Infinity Stones and followed to snap his fingers, eradicating half of all life in the universe. Characters such as Star-Lord, Spider-Man, the Winter Soldier, and Groot fell victim to the snap and faded out of existence. Yet, there are some fans who beg to differ.

One popular theory is that all the heroes who turned into dust in Infinity War didn’t really lose their lives, but rather were transported to a different dimension, most likely Soul World. In the comics, Soul World is a pocket dimension within the Soul Stone.

It’s an intriguing theory, but given that we saw each character disintegrate into dust, it’s more likely that they are all actually gone.

8 Makes Sense: Bucky will sacrifice himself for Cap to get the Soul Stone

Most fans agree that between Captain America and Iron Man, Cap is the one most likely to nobly sacrifice himself in Avengers 4. If so, then perhaps Cap will be one to wield the Infinity Gauntlet, or at least hold an Infinity Stone.

There is one theory that Cap will come in contact with the Soul Stone, except that in order to retrieve it, he must also trade a soul for a soul.

It makes sense that in that moment Bucky will make the difficult choice for Steve and surrender himself to the Soul Stone, given their friendship and Bucky’s tainted past.

7 Doesn't Make Sense: Some Avengers will be Skrulls

MCU Guardians Skrulls

2019’s Captain Marvel will explore the Kree-Skrull war, and potentially even reference Marvel Comics’ Secret Invasion story arc.

In that arc, after Elektra lost her life, her body transformed into that of a Skrull. Tony Stark later discovered that many of Earth’s heroes had been replaced by Skrulls years prior. Since Captain Marvel will introduce the Skrulls to the MCU, fans have theorized that many of our favorite Avengers are secretly Skrulls.

Regardless of how awesome that would be, it just doesn’t tie in to what’s already been established in Avengers: Infinity War. To introduce a whole new plot thread into the fold, especially one as big as this, would dismantle the ongoing narrative altogether.

6 Makes Sense: Ant-Man will end up in the future

It’s a bold and precise theory, but given the events of Ant-Man and the Wasp’s end-credit scene, it’s also highly plausible. Janet van Dyne warned Scott Lang about time vortexes in the Quantum Realm before she vanished out of existence due to Thanos’s snap.

Lost and with no way out, the theory states that Scott will use a time vortex to escape the Quantum Realm.

With the casting of an older version of Scott’s daughter for Avengers 4, Ant-Man may find himself in the future, acting as our liaison as he explores a “new” world throughout the first half of the film.

5 Doesn't Make Sense: The original Avengers will perish

The Avengers - on bridge

Thanos’ snap eradicated half of all life in the universe. Many of his victims included beloved characters like Black Panther, Spider-Man, and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

None of the original Avengers who teamed up in 2012 film turned to dust. That led fans to theorize that in Avengers 4, they will sacrifice themselves in order to bring everyone back. That means that Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Hawkeye and Black Widow will all perish.

Though many actor contracts are coming to an end post-Avengers 4, it doesn’t make sense for Marvel to eliminate them from the narrative.

It’s likely they’ll continue appearing in later films, as cameos, allowing for other heroes to make up the new Avengers roster.

4 Makes sense: Ant-Man and Iron Man will change history using the Quantum Realm

The end of Ant-Man and the Wasp left many clues as to how Ant-Man will find his way to the fight against Thanos in Avengers 4. He became stranded in the Quantum Realm, but before going subatomic, he was warned by Janet van Dyne to avoid “time vortexes.” While that gave fans plenty to theorize about, it was in the official book The Art of Ant-Man and the Wasp that they found some interesting material.

Apparently, the Ant-Man sequel was going to explore the deeper realms of the Quantum Realm, which allows a person to change history through memories.

The theory that Ant-Man will help Tony Stark fix the universe with the Quantum Realm.

It’s a fascinating theory, and one that has a lot of evidence backing it up.

3 Doesn't Make Sense: Doctor Strange astral projected back to the '90s to warn Fury about Thanos

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury

A popular theory going around online is that when Doctor Strange saw 14 million futures on Titan, he actually astral projected his soul back to the '90s, to warn Nick Fury about Thanos’ snap.

It’s definitely an intriguing theory, especially since if it turns out to be true, we could potentially see Doctor Strange appear in 2019’s Captain Marvel. Nevertheless, this is unlikely to happen.

Alas, the theory has some loopholes.

There’s no evidence in the MCU that points to Doctor Strange knowing who Nick Fury is.

Furthermore, while the theory would reinforce the Doctor Strange reference in Captain America: The Winter Soldier quite nicely, it still leaves a plethora of other open loopholes.

2 Makes Sense: Hawkeye is a Skrull


While we shouldn’t expect a handful of Avengers to transform into Skrulls by the end of Avengers 4, there is one character who could potentially be a secret alien shapeshifter.

Avengers: Infinity War omitted Hawkeye entirely and many fans believe this happened because Hawkeye will be the one who will propel forward the Skrull plotline from 2019’s Captain Marvel. Considering how close Hawkeye is to Nick Fury, it makes sense that out of all the Avengers, the one who’s a Skrull is Hawkeye.

Clint has been with Fury since the beginning. Fury even made it so Clint can have a normal life with his family out in the suburbs. How jaw-dropping would it be for Fury, after all his faith in Hawkeye, Clint reveals himself to be a Skrull? Truly devastating.

1 Doesn't Make Sense: Ultron will be the ultimate villain

Fans are still debating the status of Avengers: Age of Ultron, but what fans pretty much all agree on is that Ultron was underutilized.

Voiced by James Spader, the villain had so much nuance and personality that no one really believed that Ultron had been eliminated for good. In the comics Ultron always finds a way to come back, but it seems that in the MCU that’s not really the case. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped fans from hoping.

There’s a theory that in Avengers 4 Ultron will corrupt the Infinity Gauntlet via the Mind Stone, making his comeback. Given the narrative so far in the MCU, that’s just super unlikely to happen.


Which Avengers 4 theory is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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