20Spider-Man - Resurrect

Given that Holland is only part way through his multi-picture deal, Web-Head has to come back in his shiny Iron Spider suit for the concluding chapter.

Starting with one of the last losses to grace Infinity War’s impressive roster of superhero departures, jaws were on the floor as a young Peter Parker was turned into a pile of ash. Coming a long way from the Stark Internship, did Spider-Man really imagine that abandoning the

school field trip would take him to Titan to cross paths with aliens?  

As the youngest member of the Avengers, it was a cruel twist of fate to include Spider-Man in the toll. However, that’s exactly what Thanos’ cull did - it reminded audiences just how young Peter is.

Fans felt lumps in their throats at Peter gripped his mentor and admitted he was scared to go. For two movies now, Spider-Man has come across as the fun-loving and sometimes cocky newbie, while the Russos stripped that back to leave a frightened little boy.

Marvel Studios has already tipped the Spider-Man sequel as the first movie to shoot after Avengers 4.

Obviously, the permanent passing of Peter Parker would make Infinity War all the more shocking, but no one is buying this one for a second.

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